Web Design A Three Second Impression

Web Design A Three Second Impression

"We find that Web sites have three seconds to​ make an​ impression." - Jeff Rosenblum, Questus

According to​ a​ 2018 report on holiday shopping conducted by Questus, it​ was web design and​ function that held the​ most meaning to​ online visitors. Roger Park in​ a​ report based on those findings said, “70 percent of​ online shoppers consider web design as​ a​ key role in​ 2018 online holiday spending.”

The report went on to​ say, “Over 30 percent of​ online shoppers cited navigation, the​ checkout process, and​ product descriptions as​ critical site aspects that impacted their completion of​ online purchases.”

Users cite lengthy registration requests as​ a​ primary reason they avoided certain online retailers. However, to​ explain how motivated online shoppers have become you need to​ understand that 77% of​ online users during the​ 2018 holiday season actually conducted an​ online purchase.

"Information overload is​ a​ critical and​ consistent problem, and​ in​ this study we found that Web users were more likely to​ say that a​ site had too many links as​ opposed to​ too few links." – Jeff Rosenblum, Questus

More than 3/4th of​ the​ respondents indicated the​ professionalism of​ the​ site was a​ primary factor in​ moving forward with a​ purchase. if​ a​ site did not appear professional, the​ respondent typically moved on to​ another site.

As web users become more sophisticated so too should web designers. if​ you have difficulty in​ developing your own site an​ online site builder may provide the​ professionalism and​ consistency you need in​ site design.

“Consumers who made an​ online purchase in​ the​ past three months are more than 80% likely to​ make another purchase in​ the​ coming three months.” – Consumer Internet Barometer

The demand for​ online shopping spurs a​ phenomenal growth pattern. Online shoppers are discovering the​ value of​ being able to​ shop from the​ comfort of​ home without commute time, line waiting and​ stores that don’t have the​ item they are seeking.

The web user remains in​ the​ driver’s seat with the​ ability to​ click easily to, or​ away from, your site. the​ design function of​ your website is​ incredibly important in​ the​ midst of​ a​ growing throng of​ motivated shoppers.

“The top reason online consumers prefer to​ shop on the​ web is​ to​ avoid crowds, a​ reason cited by 38% of​ respondents.” Neilson/NetRatings

Do not assume that simply because consumers are migrating toward cyber-shopping that you simply need to​ set up shop and​ hope for​ the​ best. Web design is​ becoming a​ primary source for​ decision-making among online consumers.

Web Design A Three Second Impression

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