Web Design A Tale Of The Overproduced

Web Design A Tale Of The Overproduced

There once was a​ little website that had a​ little message to​ share. Little pictures were added to​ the​ text and​ little by little visitors came and​ appreciated the​ site for​ its simplicity. They also appreciated the​ ease with which they could get from one place on the​ site to​ the​ next.

The site owner was happy and​ thought, “If people like the​ site now imagine how much they would like it​ if​ I simply added decorative texts and​ backgrounds. Surely more people will come.”

When fewer visitors came to​ the​ site, the​ owner did not consider he had made a​ mistake, he simply began to​ consider better ways to​ improve the​ site, “Perhaps,” he mused, “if I add beautiful pictures to​ the​ site more people will come.”

The results caused the​ website owner to​ become very concerned. Site visitation took another plunge. He thought and​ thought about what could be wrong. in​ the​ end he determined the​ site simply wasn’t flashy enough, so he had some animated graphics developed that were cute, colorful and​ definitely flashy.

Surely this would bring customers to​ his site.

In the​ end the​ website owner was sad and​ dejected as​ he found that all of​ his ‘improvements’ had done little to​ help bring visitors to​ the​ site and​ cause them to​ keep coming back. in​ fact it​ seemed that for​ every ‘improvement’ there were fewer visitors.

The moral of​ this story is​ sometimes less is​ more. the​ World Wide Web is​ filled with sites that are overproduced. Many web designers may actually encourage overproduction simply because they want to​ try out new skills and​ your website might be the​ cyber guinea pig.

As an​ ecommerce website owner you may also think that a​ ‘good’ website has to​ include only the​ latest website technology, but the​ truth is​ most of​ the​ successful websites are well organized, easy to​ navigate and​ clean.

This is​ the​ type of​ website that can be produced using template-based web building technology. This type of​ web hosting solution allows you to​ be the​ designer for​ your website, but does so using proven templates that can help you keep your website on task.

This cost effective solution has proven very useful to​ budget conscious web site owners who have come to​ understand the​ usefulness of​ the​ easy-to-use site design tools and​ the​ extremely functional and​ pleasing design found in​ web building technology.

In the​ end, the​ hero in​ our story returns to​ the​ basics and​ discovers his customers are coming back to​ his ‘less is​ more’ environment.

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