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There are two words that I come across on the​ web that tend to​ draw the​ same internal response as​ a​ telemarketer phone call at​ supper time or​ spam email. the​ two words in​ question tend to​ be a​ distraction to​ me on a​ very personal level and​ often make me feel like I am wasting my time.

Skip Intro

This little notice shows up on sites that include flash and​ video elements when you access their opening page. it​ doesn’t matter how many times you go to​ their page you must still endure the​ opening flash animation or​ search for​ that elusive ‘skip into’ button.

Perhaps I shouldn’t find this problematic. There are lots of​ wonderfully produced sites that include a​ dynamic opening that is​ both memorable and​ tastefully done. However, just like spam messages in​ my inbox, there are an​ equal number of​ these opening screens that are distracting and​ do nothing to​ endear me to​ these online businesses.

I suppose I am simply one among the​ many who simply want to​ get to​ the​ business of​ doing business without the​ formality of​ an​ over the​ top opening page designed to​ either impress me or​ the​ site owner.

On a​ positive note, these types of​ opening pages can be very well done and​ provide a​ meaningful welcome and​ introduction to​ a​ company. the​ problem tends to​ be that many consumers often feel as​ if​ they are play flash roulette. They know it’s coming at​ some point, but they have no idea if​ it​ will be worth their time, and​ they generally suspect it​ is​ not. Too often their suspicions are confirmed and​ they sigh as​ either they find the​ back button or​ decide to​ search for​ the​ ‘skip intro’ button.

When this mentality is​ prevalent the​ back button is​ often the​ most desired option in​ dealing with the​ longing to​ save time, patience and​ some well deserved sanity.

This scenario really is​ sad. After all, a​ business has spent time and​ money in​ web design options and​ the​ end result may not be as​ appreciated by consumers as​ they would like. in​ fact, this design element could potentially result in​ fewer conversions from visitor to​ customer and​ may make first time customers reluctant to​ come back.

It could be that a​ web developer is​ pitching the​ idea of​ an​ elaborate flash design for​ your opening page. a​ better idea may be to​ develop any elaborate pages after your primary design is​ complete.

When it​ comes to​ web design you can develop your own site using site builder software at​ a​ fraction of​ a​ web developers fee. This option allows you to​ get a​ feel for​ what works and​ what doesn’t. Then if​ you want to​ add frills you can revisit the​ topic. You ultimately save money in​ the​ short term, may find a​ better conversion rate in​ the​ long term, and​ no one will need to​ skip the​ intro.

Sometimes a​ straightforward approach is​ a​ powerful sales tool, and​ a​ much less expensive one at​ that.

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