Web Design Series Dreamweaver 8 And Cs3 Whats The Difference

Web Design Series Dreamweaver 8 And Cs3 Whats The Difference

So you now have the​ Dreamweaver 8 and​ you are just not quite sure whether your web design company is​ willing to​ shell out some more to​ upgrade to​ the​ latest CS3 version. This is​ actually a​ challenging decision to​ make for​ your web design company. as​ a​ web designer, you have to​ work with the​ software, so it​ is​ both your right and​ responsibility to​ decide whether the​ new version will help you come up with improved web design. This makes you wonder too: Now that Adobe has already bought Macromedia, what have they done to​ it? Have they ruined it, or​ have they made it​ so much better that you should already kick yourself now for​ not buying it​ earlier? Well, if​ I were to​ be asked, I stand somewhere in​ between these two.

Web design feature #1: Adobe and​ Dreamweaver Together

Your web design company may find it​ reason enough to​ buy the​ new Dreamweaver CS3 because of​ its full integration with Adobe graphics tools like those found in​ Photoshop. When you have an​ image, you can directly click on it​ and​ edit right away.

Web design feature #2: CSS Support Made Better

One of​ the​ best features found in​ the​ new Dreamweaver CS3 is​ the​ integration of​ better CSS layouts. These layouts are all well-commented in​ the​ code, so it​ can be pretty easy to​ start knowing how CSS layouts tend to​ work. They now have over 32 layouts that you can choose from in​ 1, 2 or​ 3-column formats, in​ fixed and​ liquid type web designs. You may also define the​ position where you want the​ CSS to​ be when creating a​ new page, not to​ mention how easy it​ is​ to​ move the​ CSS styles around. You can stat out by styling the​ tag directly into the​ HTML through a​ style attribute and​ move it​ to​ your style sheet. With Dreamweaver CS3, you will only have to​ right click on the​ tag and​ set it​ to​ "Convert Inline CSS to​ Rule" to​ build a​ custom class for​ that specific style or​ to​ create one full CSS selector.

Web design feature #3: Mobile Support

Your web design company will also be pleased to​ know about the​ mobile support integrated into the​ new CS3 version. Creating pages made especially for​ mobile devices have been popular in​ the​ recent years, but it​ can be difficult to​ design one which is​ compatible both on mobile and​ web browser platforms. However, with the​ integration of​ the​ Adobe Device Central into the​ CS3, Dreamweaver now makes it​ easy to​ view your pages in​ cell phones.

Web design feature #4: Ajax Implementation Now Made Possible

The Dreamweaver CS3 now has integrated the​ Spry framework so that it​ adding Ajax widgets and​ effects onto your pages have now been made possible. All you do is​ to​ drag and​ drop them and​ incorporate them into your dataset. Dreamweaver CS3 features Spry components which include: widgets for​ tables, lists and​ forms: transition effects such as​ growing, shrinking, highlighting and​ fading, and​ integration of​ data from XML feeds such as​ in​ database or​ RSS.

Web design feature #5: XLST Support

Another amazing feature about the​ CS3 that both you and​ your web design company will love is​ the​ extensive support it​ has for​ XLST through the​ use of​ XML files as​ database source. Through XSLT, it​ is​ easy to​ view the​ XML in​ a​ tree form and​ integrate it​ right into your HTML document. This simply means that if​ you have a​ number of​ XML files set in​ the​ same format; it​ is​ relatively simple to​ create one single template for​ all of​ them in​ the​ new CS3 using XLST.

Web design feature #6: Support for​ Mac Intel Processors

If your web design company works on an​ Intel-based Macintosh platform, you will be happy with the​ performance improvements of​ the​ CS3. it​ is​ now native to​ the​ platform and​ does not run on Rosetta so that it​ loads a​ lot quickly than before. in​ fact, CS3 claims that what loads in​ Dreamweaver 8 for​ 4 minutes can load in​ the​ CS3 in​ under one minute. You can do further testing to​ confirm this.

To Upgrade or​ Not to​ Upgrade

That is​ the​ question. in​ my case, I have upgraded and​ haven't regretted any of​ it. I appreciate the​ new CSS features, the​ XSLT support and​ the​ Device Central. However, your web design company may see one piece that is​ still missing, which is​ that of​ web design time and​ programming. as​ in​ the​ previous versions, the​ Dreamweaver CS3 is​ also still difficult to​ use in​ terms of​ live databases and​ server side scripts. However, there may be extensions to​ make things easier for​ you. On a​ general whole, go on and​ upgrade and​ you will most likely never have to​ look back.

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