Web Design Scannability

Web Design Scannability

Would it​ interest you to​ know that most web users don’t come to​ your site to​ appreciate the​ attractiveness of​ the​ design? That’s not to​ say that an​ attractive web design isn’t important. However, the​ majority of​ site visitation happens because the​ consumer was motivated to​ look at​ your site to​ see if​ you could give them a​ reason to​ purchase from your ecommerce business.

The web is​ based on small resolution sizes. the​ words read online aren’t even as​ clear as​ newsprint. the​ pictures are often low resolution and​ a​ computer screen can tax the​ best of​ vision.

Practical Application

One of​ the​ most cost effective applications this information can produce is​ that you may not need a​ website filled with all the​ toys such as​ Java Script or​ Flash design. These tools add spice to​ your website, but can often detract or​ even annoy visitors who are simply looking for​ information they expect to​ find on your website.

A well ordered website can reap incredible rewards for​ ecommerce business. Effective bullet points, keywords or​ phrases accented in​ bold type and​ an​ easy to​ navigate page may have a​ greater impact on your ecommerce web design than anything.

What this may also mean is​ that the​ web design options you can chose from may expand.

Self-Directed Design

You see, if​ you know what will help make your site better you can self-direct the​ development of​ the​ site through template rich designs that allow you total control over the​ text in​ an​ easy to​ use environment that does not require the​ use of​ complicated code or​ extended training seminars to​ use.

Obviously many web design experts would rather have you seek an​ alternative using their personalized service, but in​ the​ end you have a​ stronger interest in​ the​ success of​ your website than a​ hired web developer. if​ you can utilize the​ tools available to​ make your site user friendly and​ highly scannable you will likely find you can achieve your own success in​ web design.

Writing for​ the​ Web

Content writing for​ web pages is​ not the​ same as​ writing for​ any other type of​ content. Thoughts must be compact and​ content must be scannable. This means when you write for​ the​ web you must help your reader find the​ subject they are most interested in​ using a​ sub-heading or​ indexing system that allows a​ quick scan to​ determine if​ your web page contains the​ information they need.

Even if​ your website does not contain the​ exact information your visitor wants they may be pleased to​ know it​ didn’t require extended reading to​ make that determination. in​ turn the​ visitor may venture to​ other pages of​ online content to​ determine if​ you have the​ information they need elsewhere on your site.

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