Web Design Quick Navigation

Web Design Quick Navigation

Many web design professionals tend to​ forget that not every visitor will enter through the​ front door. There are millions of​ site pages that are effectively a​ dead end. These pages may have content, but absolutely no links to​ send the​ visitor back to​ the​ home page nor does the​ page provide a​ clue as​ to​ the​ purpose and​ function of​ the​ website.

If a​ site visitor finds a​ link to​ your website through a​ search engine and​ lands on a​ page without navigation capabilities it​ is​ likely your site will be abandoned as​ they search for​ something more ‘complete’.

It is​ important that each page on your website feature a​ means of​ determining what your site is​ for, what you offer and​ how to​ get from one place to​ the​ next. if​ you have pages that are dead ends the​ chances diminish that your site will be as​ useful to​ customers as​ you want it​ to​ be.

Many sites are built with a​ front door mentality. in​ this scenario the​ home page is​ expected to​ be the​ landing pad for​ all visitors. in​ truth, search engines rank all site pages making it​ possible for​ a​ visitor to​ come into your site through a​ page other than the​ home page. Sure, you’re happy they came, but you have to​ give them a​ map to​ your site so they can really find what they need. in​ many cases this is​ done with a​ site map or​ common navigation links on all pages.

Another common web design faux pas is​ to​ burden your pages with high-resolution images and​ data. Most visitors will give your web page one-tenth of​ a​ second to​ begin downloading - if​ it​ takes too long to​ download the​ site visitor will likely move on.

There have been numerous sites I have visited that insist on placing midi music on each web page. This ‘gift’ increases download time and​ can be rather annoying if​ you happen to​ be listening to​ other desired online media.

I know the​ intent is​ to​ provide something unique for​ the​ site visitor, but as​ more audio is​ streamed over the​ Internet, the​ less interested we become in​ self-loading audio. the​ primary distraction is​ the​ lengthy download times these pages require.

The rule of​ thumb is​ to​ make every page navigable and​ quickly downloadable. These elements of​ web design can make an​ incredible difference in​ the​ usability of​ your web site.

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