Web Design Planning

When designing or​ redesigning a​ website the​ most important part of​ the​ project happens before any graphics or​ code are created.

Start by determining the​ primary goals of​ your website. Are you using it​ to​ sell your products or​ services? Maybe it’s intended simply to​ advertise your offline business, provide support to​ your existing customers or​ build your company brand. Whatever the​ goals are, clearly defining them ahead of​ time will better guide you in​ the​ actual creation process.

Next, remember that first impressions mean everything. Your website design must be professional and​ portray the​ right image for​ your business. Most web surfers decide within seconds of​ reaching your main page if​ they will browse deeper into your site or​ click away to​ another. Studies have shown that this decision is​ usually made based on the​ appeal of​ the​ design rather than the​ text copy. This means that your site design has to​ grab their attention and​ convince them that you’re offering something of​ value fast.

Chances are you’re not a​ graphic designer or​ web coding guru, so how can you develop a​ professional design? We get asked this question a​ lot by potential clients at​ BanPro NET, especially from owners of​ home-based or​ new small businesses.

You basically have two options, hire a​ professional designer or​ firm to​ create your website or​ purchase a​ website template. Templates are pre-made designs that allow you to​ just add your text and​ product graphics. Templates have the​ advantage of​ being able to​ go live with your website quickly and​ usually for​ a​ very low cost, however they also have the​ disadvantage of​ being seen on numerous websites, so you won’t stand out from the​ crowd as​ well.

Either way, keep in​ mind that your website design is​ what most online visitors to​ your site are going to​ judge your company on, regardless of​ your industry, so it​ must be as​ professional as​ possible.

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