Web Design Information

Web Design Information

Web Design Information
Web design is​ simpler than ever, and​ that's a​ good thing .​
Creating an​ HTML Page a​ web page is​ created using a​ language called, Hypertext Markup Language, better known as​ HTML Code .​
The key to​ creating a​ successful web site is​ to​ only use tips and​ codes that will enhance your visitors experience on your web site .​
I​ think it's the​ way forward for​ web design .​
Making a​ web page that works requires a​ lot of​ sensitivity to​ the​ various forces at​ work .​
As web site designers, we always try to​ create a​ web site navigation scheme that (a) is​ consistent throughout the​ entire web site and​ (b) allows the​ site's visitors to​ find what they are searching for​ quickly and​ easily .​
Many web newbies understand that blue, underlined text is​ a​ hyperlink .​
Get control over your web page's fonts .​
If the​ font you use is​ not available in​ a​ visitors computer the​ web site will use the​ default font of​ your computer which is​ much worse .​
So try to​ keep to​ common and​ professional web fonts .​
You don't have to​ spend thousands of​ dollars on seminars or​ spend hundreds of​ dollars on books to​ find out what's wrong with your web site.
Many graphic designers who specialize in​ print design like to​ show off their design talent by creating beautiful image maps that are slow to​ download .​
Another advantage for​ using image maps for​ site navigation is​ that graphic designers can show a​ bit more creativity in​ designing an​ image map compared to​ designing a​ set of​ navigation buttons .​
Usually Netscape gives some problems, especially when you try doing complicated HTML designs .​
Although learning HTML and​ some basic web site design techniques is​ very important, if​ you want to​ add special effects to​ your web pages, you will need to​ learn some additional coding techniques, such as​ using CSS and​ JavaScript .​
Today's simple, bold, elegant page designs deliver more with less:They enable designers to​ shoot straight for​ the​ site's goals, by guiding the​ site visitor's eye through the​ use of​ fewer, well-chosen visual elements .​
Apple's design has always used a​ great balanced combination of​ tone (darks), rich effects and​ colour to​ draw the​ eye .​
Your corporate logo design needs to​ convey a​ comprehensive idea about your company values to​ the​ viewers .​
Your customer identifies you by your logo design, so much so that he or​ she might identify the​ product with your brand name, like happened in​ the​ case of​ Sony’s Walkman.
Not only will learning HTML coding provide you with the​ freedom to​ update your own HTML documents, but it​ will also save you a​ great deal of​ money, as​ you will be able to​ avoid hiring a​ professional web designer .​
Writing code by hand also ensures that you write the​ leanest code possible, which is​ the​ ultimate aim of​ all HTML geeks .​
But fear not: HTML has one of​ the​ easiest learning curves you’ll ever come across and​ you can create a​ basic web page with only a​ couple of​ lines.

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