Web Design Guide To Creating Better Links

Web Design Guide To Creating Better Links

Needless to​ say, links are one of​ the​ most vital parts of​ a​ web page. Your web design company will definitely require you to​ come up with links in​ the​ sites you make to​ please your clients better. When people think of​ site contents, what generally comes to​ mind is​ the​ text that is​ written on a​ page. However, know that the​ page content also includes images and​ everything else relevant that is​ included in​ the​ page's web design.

In Web Design Links Reinforce Scannability

It is​ a​ proven fact that online visitors who view a​ page are generally drawn to​ images. But aside from that, it​ is​ also proven that their attention is​ also immediately caught by links because they are underlined and​ set in​ a​ different colour from the​ rest of​ the​ text. Your web design company will strictly advice you to​ make your links stand out in​ order for​ them to​ catch the​ eye of​ your readers. of​ course, your text content or​ web copy must able to​ reinforce scannability of​ your page. Fortunately, the​ addition of​ links that stand out well make the​ content even more scannable. Bear in​ mind during web design though that these links will only be effective if​ they are related to​ the​ site content and​ the​ linked text. Your web design company should know better.

Web design Tip #1: Links on Your Home Page

Unless you are web designing a​ site that is​ only made of​ 1 page, your home page should have links to​ all the​ other parts of​ your website. Bear in​ mind too that most online readers will scan through your home page much more than they are likely to​ read it, so you need to​ make sure that your links speak for​ themselves and​ are self-explanatory. However, avoid a​ home page that is​ made up only of​ links, and​ nothing. Doing this will defeat the​ purpose of​ scannability; the​ links will no longer stand out. Also, never make your link title fancy or​ make your readers guess where the​ link will lead to. Your web design company will also be pleased if​ you put in​ links to​ the​ other general pages of​ your site.

Web design Tip #2: General to​ Specific is​ the​ Way to​ Go

When online users search for​ information, they usually start from the​ general and​ eventually get more specific as​ they try to​ narrow down their search. Using the​ same logic, try to​ think of​ those links in​ your site as​ a​ funnel. You have to​ start with a​ general category at​ your top page and​ narrow it​ down further as​ your readers search for​ what they want.

Web design Tip #3: How to​ Write Links and​ Setting Them

Here are some tips to​ come up with better and​ more clickable links:

• Check your log files and​ look for​ a​ trend of​ what people are mostly searching your site for. Use the​ most commonly used words as​ your links to​ other parts of​ your site.

• You should also verify that your links actually go to​ where you have implied for​ them to​ go. Do not take the​ risk of​ ruining your client's image (and that of​ your web design company) by links that lie. When readers find that the​ information they are searching for​ is​ not there, they will leave and​ will not likely return.

• Write your links as​ clearly as​ possible. if​ you are linking to​ an​ e-book, your text should read something like "this e-Book..." Moreover, the​ link should actually go to​ a​ page with an​ e-Book in​ it, and​ not an​ online store or​ a​ biography of​ an​ author.

• When web designing, never make the​ mistake of​ playing games with your links. Do not put those links just for​ the​ sake of​ putting them. Your web design company will surely require you to​ put links that are as​ straightforward as​ possible. Remember that your web design company wants to​ be of​ service to​ readers and​ to​ the​ clients to​ whom you are making the​ page for. Therefore, make sure that you only put in​ useful links.

Create links that are incorporated into significant content. Your links should be more than just a​ list of​ links that will not make sense on the​ part of​ online users. Make sure that the​ links contain explanations on what it​ contains. if​ you are presenting a​ link that leads to​ more links, you need to​ make sure that you add in​ an​ explanation of​ what the​ readers should expect so that they will not be surprised to​ see a​ list of​ links. Your web design company will indeed appreciate such efforts.

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