Web Design Give Me Bullets

Web Design Give Me Bullets

Did you know there is​ an​ essential difference between the​ way web designers look at​ the​ way they design a​ web page and​ the​ way the​ consumer evaluates the​ effectiveness of​ a​ web design.


* Web Designer: Interested in​ every subtle nuance of​ color, graphic and​ texture.
* Consumer: Interested in​ how fast the​ page loads.

* Web Designer: Includes links throughout the​ design for​ a​ variety of​ locations within the​ web design.
* Consumer: Clicks on the​ first promising link and​ hopes it’s something interesting.

* Web Designer: Interested in​ the​ color coordination and​ presentation of​ design.
* Consumer: Searches for​ bullet points to​ help gauge whether the​ site will be useful.

Content over Creativity

In many web designs the​ site is​ built on the​ premise that the​ beauty of​ the​ site is​ what will win customers. the​ consumer, on the​ other hand, has seen hundreds of​ sites and​ is​ often only curious to​ know if​ your site is​ going to​ help them or​ not.

The average consumer will only read knowledge-based articles that catch their attention. Consumers often determine an​ article’s usefulness by scanning. if​ they lock in​ on material that connects they will stick around, if​ not they go back to​ ‘clicking for​ gold’.

Get to​ the​ Point

Unlike a​ television commercial, the​ consumer doesn’t have to​ wait to​ find out what they most want to​ know about your company. They can skip to​ the​ best parts, the​ end parts or​ they leave-whenever-they-want parts.

It may work to​ your advantage to​ use multiple bullet points as​ well as​ multiple sub headings in​ an​ effort to​ help the​ consumer gain a​ quick understanding of​ what is​ in​ the​ article or​ page content and​ to​ find out quickly what they want to​ know.

For many consumers if​ you can’t provide these bits of​ detail they will keep searching until they find it.

Hurry, We’re Losing Them

Obviously not all consumers are like this, but many have grown up in​ an​ MTV society where the​ attention span is​ used to​ quick bits of​ information. So, the​ reality of​ web design is​ you may need to​ work to​ provide quick, segmented bits of​ information that work as​ a​ quick index of​ page information that can help consumers connect with your website.


You may find you can actually reach consumers through a​ template rich web design/hosting option that allows you to​ develop content that is​ geared more toward the​ consumer and​ less to​ the​ sensibilities of​ a​ web designer.

Whatever method you chose for​ web design make sure you attempt to​ gain an​ understanding of​ how consumers actually ‘view’ your site. This understanding may help you discover the​ best ways to​ really connect with those who want a​ reason to​ stick around.

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