Web Design Facts

Web Design Facts

Fact 1:We can’t deny the​ fact that when browsers enter a​ site, they look for​ something that is​ relevant to​ their needs. if​ they ended in​ a​ particular site through advertisements, then they would expect to​ see something related to​ that ad.

Fact 2:On the​ other hand, when a​ search engine scans a​ site’s contents, it​ looks for​ contents which are useful enough for​ other sites to​ reference. it​ expects to​ locate a​ content that is​ consistent with the​ keywords.

Fact 3:Moreover, visitors who go to​ a​ shopping cart would expect to​ find photos with high quality, a​ variety of​ applicable views and​ lastly, a​ concise and​ clear description and​ costs. They also expect that the​ cart should work in​ all types of​ browsers.

But sad to​ say, some viewers do not find what they need in​ a​ website or​ sometimes they have a​ hard time going around the​ site. the​ following things should make you aware on the​ things why web sites fail.

One fact that web designers must know is​ that people wouldn’t enter your site unless they know their way around it.
Due to​ this concern, web designers must take into consideration that they need to​ conceptualize user friendly and​ easy to​ understand websites. for​ most customers or​ viewers, very extravagant design won’t matter as​ long as​ they don’t get lost in​ your site.

Your competitors are just a​ click away

When designing your web site, think very carefully on things that could give you a​ plus over your competitors. Think of​ the​ things that you can offer your customers in​ order for​ them to​ stay on your site and​ choose you above all else.

People hate slow websites

Designers must understand that searchers can be very impatient when surfing through sites in​ the​ Internet. Therefore, designers must find a​ way to​ minimize the​ slowness of​ websites and​ at​ the​ same time offer viewers with quality contents.

Searchers look for​ relevant information

Dr. Jim Jansen of​ Penn State’s School of​ Information Sciences and​ Technology said, “A web site has to​ be relevant to​ a​ searchers needs. Otherwise, by the​ time three minutes have elapsed, 40 percent of​ searchers will have moved on. While some may have found what they wanted, others may simply have given up and​ move to​ a​ different site." When designing web pages, designers can’t help but become graphic artists with the​ aim to​ make your site look great but sometimes lacking in​ information. Therefore, remember that while it​ is​ important to​ make your site attractive, it​ is​ equally important to​ place in​ your site the​ information that visitors need.

Sites should have clear abstracts

The first thing that appears on the​ result page as​ an​ answer to​ a​ search engine query is​ the​ site’s abstract. the​ abstract explains everything about your site. According to​ a​ study done by Penn State, more users or​ searchers can be drawn to​ a​ site with the​ use of​ an​ abstract. That is​ if​ the​ abstract is​ informative enough and​ gives relevant and​ enticing information about the​ site. Dr. Jim Jansen said, "For site developers, if​ you want to​ be looked at, it​ is​ absolutely critical that the​ abstract be crystal clear about the​ purpose of​ your Web site."

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