Web Design Extreme Makeover

Web Design Extreme Makeover

The development of​ a​ web design must be intentional and​ with purpose. I know this runs counter to​ any idea of​ freeform and​ learning as​ you go, but there is​ a​ solid reason for​ making sure you know where you’re going before you try to​ get there.

Because Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies can take so long to​ have a​ pronounced effect on your website, and​ subsequently your traffic, it​ becomes important to​ make sure your website matches your objectives by at​ least 85% before you launch it.

If you need to​ take time to​ learn as​ you go then try doing so through an​ affiliate revenue program and​ a​ site designed for​ that purpose. Using web builder technology you can build a​ site at​ little expense while exploring the​ possibilities in​ design and​ function.

What you learn from this exercise can assist you in​ bridging the​ gap between experiment and​ experience. This will be important as​ you consider diving into ecommerce.

Some of​ the​ standard pitfalls for​ most web designs are that the​ pages have already been established and​ you know what you want to​ put into each page, but you don’t actually finish the​ content before you launch. What you end up with is​ an​ opening page that gives the​ consumer high expectations and​ subsequent pages that are either blank or​ have the​ dreaded words, “Coming Soon” or​ “Under Construction”.

This can be a​ death wish for​ your website. Complete it​ before you release it​ online. Call in​ help from freelancers if​ you need to, utilize free article directories when appropriate, ask advice from someone you trust who has been through web designs and​ make sure every page is​ functional and​ informative.

You wouldn’t start a​ brick and​ mortar business without the​ racks, merchandise and​ essential items to​ make your business wholly presentable to​ customers. Imagine, if​ you will, a​ business that placed two 55 gallon steel drums on the​ floor of​ their showroom and​ them placed a​ couple of​ 2x12 wooden planks on top to​ display their latest high dollar jewelry while a​ couple of​ mismatched chairs sit in​ the​ corner for​ customer convenience.

This would never instill trust in​ the​ product or​ the​ personality behind the​ business and​ the​ same is​ true of​ a​ half finished website designed for​ the​ consumer.

When you present a​ fully optimized website that is​ developed with both the​ consumer as​ well as​ the​ search engines in​ mind you stand a​ much better chance at​ reaching both of​ them successfully.

Unlike a​ brick and​ mortar store you do not have to​ live with the​ sign, “Pardon our mess”. You can develop a​ new website offline and​ upgrade the​ entire system when you need to.

This article is​ really for​ both existing businesses as​ well as​ businesses planning to​ launch. if​ you have an​ existing business online, but your website is​ not what it​ needs to​ be block out some time right now to​ begin web design on an​ entirely new site. You can redirect your domain when you’re ready, but web-building technology can help you achieve that next level in​ site design that will make the​ important marketing connections you need to​ really get noticed online.

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