Web Design Content Procurement

Web Design Content Procurement

There is​ a​ debate among web design experts as​ to​ who is​ responsible for​ procuring content for​ the​ website. Many professionals want the​ content to​ be the​ responsibility of​ the​ site owner. the​ reasoning is​ simple – the​ site owner should have a​ better understanding of​ the​ site products or​ services than the​ web designer.

The other side to​ the​ argument is​ that the​ web designer needs to​ assist the​ site owner in​ obtaining original knowledge-based articles to​ compliment the​ site. in​ this scenario the​ web designer also works with freelance writers to​ develop all site content. This includes everything from “How To” articles to​ the​ “About Us” and​ “Home Page” sections.

Many web designers are interested in​ developing the​ ‘look’ of​ the​ website without being responsible for​ what the​ content says. However, more and​ more web design experts are beginning to​ offer full content services as​ part of​ their monthly or​ annual contracts. Obviously the​ customer bears all costs related to​ the​ content, but many entrepreneurs enjoy less work in​ site management.

One element to​ this that you should consider is​ that the​ web designer will charge you a​ content fee. the​ content request is​ assigned and​ purchased from a​ third party freelance writer at​ a​ lesser amount. You could pay 100% more than you might if​ you had worked with a​ freelance writer on your own.

From this standpoint it​ makes sense for​ web design professionals to​ provide the​ service because it​ provides an​ added revenue stream for​ them.

If, as​ an​ ecommerce business, you can write or​ have someone write original content you may actually have greater options you can consider when it​ comes to​ web design.

One of​ the​ most readily available forms of​ content is​ free-to-use article directories. These articles can be used provided you make sure to​ place all content on your site. This will likely include a​ brief author biography along with a​ link to​ the​ author’s website. in​ most cases this is​ a​ reasonable exchange for​ the​ use of​ the​ article.

A secondary source could be adaptable content from a​ supplier. This information is​ generally provided at​ no cost due to​ your partnership with the​ supplier.

A third source is​ to​ go directly to​ a​ freelance writing source to​ gain your own original articles.

If one or​ more of​ these options is​ workable you may find a​ template rich web design/host is​ an​ alternative that is​ cost effective and​ empowering.

You’ll notice I said empowering. This comment was made because of​ the​ satisfaction of​ being able to​ immediately addressing and​ altering multiple aspects of​ the​ site on your own and​ without the​ need for​ knowledge in​ html or​ other coding language can help you take ownership of​ your own site.

Perhaps it​ all comes down to​ your budget and​ to​ your willingness and​ ability to​ manage the​ content requirements of​ your website.

Web Design Content Procurement

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