Web Design And Development Tips To Maximize Your Site Part 1

Web Design And Development Tips To Maximize Your Site Part 1

Web Design and​ Development Tips To Maximize Your Site, Part 1
Web design is​ a​ very important part of​ operating your online business .​
Since there is​ not an​ actual store for​ people to​ walk into, the​ set up of​ your website will determine if​ they stay long enough to​ make a​ purchase or​ if​ they will got to​ another website .​
With so much competition in​ the​ e-commerce world, the​ consumer has the​ upper hand.
Getting people to​ your website is​ the​ easy part .​
Making it​ attracting and​ easy to​ navigate is​ much harder .​
The connection speed for​ your website will make or​ break the​ deal .​
Most internet users are not very patient when it​ comes to​ waiting for​ pages to​ open .​
On average you have six seconds before they decide to​ go somewhere else .​
If cool graphics on your website take time to​ open, you are better off without them.
The website should be appealing, but not overwhelming .​
The layout should have tabs to​ make the​ website easy to​ navigate .​
Some good tabs to​ include are products, shopping cart, about the​ company, contact information, and​ frequently asked questions .​
You can design your tabs to​ fit the​ product or​ service you are offering .​
Customers generally don’t make a​ purchase on their first visit to​ a​ website .​
They often like to​ think about it​ as​ well as​ do some comparing .​
Offering a​ wish list is​ a​ great way for​ a​ consumer to​ save what they want to​ come back to​ finish the​ purchase at​ a​ later time .​
Sending an​ email to​ the​ customer at​ that time thanking them for​ coming to​ your website is​ a​ great way to​ keep your product fresh in​ their mind.
The checkout process needs to​ be very simple as​ well .​
Consumers don’t want to​ have to​ click many places to​ make a​ purchase .​
At the​ most it​ should involve three clicks .​
Set it​ up so that many payment options are possible to​ meet the​ needs of​ various consumers .​
It is​ good customer service to​ provide a​ confirmation number so that the​ consumer knows their purchase has been made.

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