Web Branding Not The What But The Who

Web Branding Not The What But The Who

The boardroom was filled with noise as​ the​ top executives met. the​ CEO had planned this meeting for​ weeks, but no one was sure what was going to​ be discussed, so nervous conversation blossomed throughout the​ room.

“Good afternoon,” the​ CEO said as​ he took his seat and​ a​ hush settled over the​ room. “I want to​ thank you all for​ coming today. Let’s get to​ business.”

The executives began looking to​ one another still confused as​ to​ what might be happening.

“I want to​ spend our time today coming to​ grips with who we are as​ a​ company,” the​ CEO said as​ he took off his suit coat, draped it​ over the​ back of​ the​ leather chair and​ walked to​ the​ white board – marker in​ hand.

Most of​ the​ executives thought their boss was pulling a​ practical joking on his employees, but he just stood in​ front of​ the​ whiteboard waiting for​ someone to​ speak.

“We sell computers,” one man ventured to​ the​ nervous chuckles of​ a​ few brave executives.

The ice was broken, but it​ wasn’t that the​ boss wanted. “Yes, I know that’s what we sell, but who are we?”

“We are supplies of​ computers and​ related components,” another ventured.

“Very good, but you’ve just told me what we do, yet again. Who are we?”

Most of​ the​ executives were at​ a​ loss to​ figure out what their boss wanted, finally a​ third man spoke, “We are a​ computer company whose purpose is​ to​ not just sell computers, but to​ assist nontraditional college students in​ returning to​ college to​ get a​ degree.”

“Very good. and​ how do you know this to​ be true?” the​ CEO asked with a​ smile.

“Because I wouldn’t be here if​ it​ weren’t for​ the​ scholarship I received from this company,” the​ young man replied.

What this boss was attempting to​ get his executives to​ consider was the​ best way to​ brand the​ company. After all, there are lots of​ companies that can sell computers, but the​ executives of​ this fictitious company didn’t seem to​ have a​ clue what they were apart from the​ role of​ computer salesmen.

Web branding is​ about finding out who you are as​ a​ business apart from the​ products you sell. What is​ the​ heart of​ your business? Web branding insists there must be more to​ your business than selling a​ product.

This is​ the​ process whereby your personality and​ passion can come through, but you must crack open the​ nut that reads ‘business’ and​ find out what is​ inside.

As a​ business owner you likely have something you care about in​ tandem with your business. How does that factor into your business principles, goals and​ customer service?

Keep peeling back the​ layers until you are so content with who you are as​ a​ business that it​ becomes as​ nature as​ breathing to​ take that information and​ brand your business as​ something more than a​ generic online store selling a​ generic online product.

Who are you? You’d be surprised how many customers are curious.

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