Web Branding Nobodys Perfect And Thats Good

Web Branding Nobodys Perfect And Thats Good

Web branding is​ antithetical to​ the​ notion of​ perfection. Sometimes the​ best web branding advice is​ to​ let your humanity leak onto the​ web page. Life’s messy and​ perfection is​ not a​ trait known to​ mankind.

If you make a​ mistake admit it, laugh about it, make fun of​ it, allow others to​ comment on it​ – in​ the​ process you will find prospects looking at​ your website or​ blog with an​ appreciation for​ the​ voice of​ common humanity.

So many businesses rely on a​ level of​ perfection they can never attain and​ hope to​ sell the​ idea of​ a​ perfect company to​ prospects. if​ that’s what you’re doing you have a​ commodity nobody is​ buying.

Web branding is​ about being creative, inventive and​ sometimes taking your prospect off guard. if​ you can work on these elements you may find that your website is​ connecting with customers in​ a​ brave new way.

Google provides an​ example of​ this approach that has spread to​ other parts of​ the​ web. They have taken their logo and​ revamped it​ for​ almost every holiday and​ special event. Sometimes it’s fun just to​ go to​ their site to​ see how their logo has changed since the​ last visit. It’s a​ bit like the​ window dressings of​ yesteryear when your favorite store would redress their windows on a​ regular basis to​ provide a​ sense of​ newness to​ their store.

Many websites will try to​ appeal to​ all demographics, but the​ truth is​ by selecting a​ demographic your wish to​ market to​ and​ then allowing web branding to​ help cast your business as​ an​ authority in​ this demographic you may find your approach is​ a​ turn off to​ some in​ a​ demographic that is​ either older or​ younger than your chosen target.

When you land on a​ demographic to​ serve you will find more freedom to​ create web branding ideas that are innovative and​ entertaining to​ that demographic.

Can you provide some freebies?

If so, you have another means of​ branding your website. By attacking the​ web branding issue from multiple fronts you stand a​ better chance of​ keeping prospects coming back – sometimes just to​ see what you’re doing next.

You’re freebie could be a​ software download, a​ computer wallpaper selection, knowledge-based ebooks or​ downloadable games.

By viewing your website as​ a​ sieve you may catch the​ idea that you always need to​ be looking for​ ways to​ fill it​ back up, your site visitors will love you for​ it​ and​ will likely come back again – intentionally.

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