Web Branding Letting Your Humanity Shine Through

Web Branding Letting Your Humanity Shine Through

It wasn’t so long ago that advertising was mostly filled with unrealistic scenarios that attempted to​ convince the​ buying public that a​ better life was available if​ they were just willing to​ purchase a​ product. You could be better looking, have a​ better home, enjoy greater friendships and​ never gain weight if​ you simply used an​ advertised product. of​ course this was never stated, but was often inferred.

This type of​ advertising is​ less prevalent today. the​ question may be “Why?”

Most consumers are much more interested in​ making a​ purchase based on their knowledge of​ a​ product. Information is​ sought daily online to​ assist consumers in​ making a​ rational decision about a​ product or​ service.

Sure there are still many impulse decisions being made, but the​ effectiveness of​ information can be a​ powerful means of​ not simply marketing a​ product but branding your business as​ well.

If you can make your information interesting and​ mildly entertaining you may discover the​ consumer may view you as​ an​ actual human being and​ not some corporate giant who cares very little for​ their customers.

If you watch advertising on television today you will find it​ is​ typically filled with real people simply shopping or​ enjoying a​ product with a​ relatively straightforward message about a​ current sale or​ simply providing a​ spot that enhances the​ image of​ the​ company.

Most of​ the​ old style advertising is​ relegated to​ infomercials or​ local advertisers who didn’t get the​ memo that truth and​ personality are really good sales tools.

I have no statistics to​ conclusively prove the​ following point, but I would venture to​ say that there are many personal website owners who are more adept at​ web branding than their business counterpart.

The reason I believe this is​ true is​ that the​ individual understand that there is​ an​ incredible connection between the​ expression of​ their personality and​ repeat visitors. if​ the​ website remains static or​ relies exclusively on slick production values, the​ point of​ web branding remains a​ lost commodity.

Often business think a​ bigger and​ better website is​ what is​ ultimately important, but if​ there is​ no emotive content coupled with knowledge-based articles and​ information the​ end result may be a​ rather apathetic visitor.

Being real and​ honest with your customer may mean coming down to​ their level, but the​ end result is​ often a​ customer that can identify with you. Once they can empathize the​ knowledge-based information you supply can provide a​ greater connection with the​ prospect. in​ turn this may move a​ prospect into the​ customer column on your business ledger.

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