Web Branding Integrity Exposure

Web Branding Integrity Exposure

Ask twelve different marketing experts about web branding and​ you will likely receive twelve different answers. What may be most unusual is​ the​ fact that all of​ them could be right.

Web branding is​ a​ way of​ presenting a​ face to​ your customers. Web branding draws from the​ heart of​ what you are doing as​ a​ business, why you are doing it, whom you are doing it​ for​ and​ how you intend to​ do it.

Web branding may include a​ logo and​ positioning statement. These items will be viewed on virtually every page of​ your website, but will likely not be enough to​ show the​ heart of​ your business to​ consumers.

Web branding may include selling points. However, this alone only goes so far as​ to​ demonstrate some of​ the​ reasons customers should consider your business when attempting to​ acquire certain products or​ services.

Web branding might even include unique features that help define your business. This may be getting even closer to​ the​ purpose of​ web branding, but it’s only part of​ the​ whole.

Some people believe web branding to​ be something that is​ repeated or​ placed on a​ website often enough that consumers will likely remember it. This may be a​ way to​ identify your business, but really does very little to​ brand it.

The truth is, web branding may be a​ lot of​ things, but rarely just one. Think about a​ marriage; there are many things that define your spouse, but if​ you were to​ define your spouse in​ a​ single word (or a​ single way) you will never be able to​ fully capture the​ essence of​ your spouse.

It is​ possible that you can learn everything there is​ to​ know about your spouse, but it​ helps when that individual is​ open and​ honest enough to​ help you understand more about them.

The same can be true about your web business. Your customers may come to​ know and​ love you on their own, but there are many ways you can help them come to​ know you better. This method is​ true web branding.

Web branding has at​ its core a​ sense of​ integrity and​ honor. You are extending the​ heart and​ soul of​ your web based business and​ you are seeking to​ demonstrate that the​ consumer is​ paramount to​ your way of​ doing business. This can have an​ amazing impact on the​ trust customers may ultimately place in​ your business.

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