Web Branding Bottled Rainforest

Web Branding Bottled Rainforest

Have you ever been around a​ poet that knows so much poetry by heart that they annoy you every time the​ subject of​ poetry comes up? They are passionate about their love for​ poetry and​ are emotional as​ they explain the​ complexity of​ the​ poems they recite.

Certainly you have heard techno-geeks spouting off the​ specifications for​ the​ latest computer gadget, software program of​ external device. They know computers and​ computer language seeps from them unbidden.

These people are enthusiastic about the​ things they love. Their passion is​ brought to​ a​ laser focus as​ they allow what they know to​ permeate their life and​ lifestyle.

Believe it​ or​ not, this is​ exactly how you should be in​ relation to​ your business. You web branding is​ a​ direct result of​ how intimately acquainted you are with your online business. the​ more you know about your business, and​ the​ more clearly you have defined the​ facets of​ the​ passion of​ your business the​ better you will be at​ web branding.

Web branding isn’t simply developing a​ slogan, it’s understanding your business so well that you can help your website breathe the​ same air as​ your business. Web branding provides the​ glue you need to​ not only put your online business together, but to​ keep it​ together.

When we get married we want to​ learn as​ much about our spouse as​ we can. We want to​ learn what makes them happy, what topics should be avoided and​ how to​ best serve their interests. as​ odd as​ it​ may sound this is​ the​ premise of​ web branding. the​ only difference is​ in​ marriage you may keep certain things between you and​ your spouse whereas in​ web branding you take everything you’ve learned about your business and​ help online consumers catch a​ vision for​ what you do and​ who you are.

You may need to​ look at​ your business more as​ the​ culmination of​ a​ love story and​ less as​ a​ manual for​ operating your DVD player. the​ difference is​ based in​ emotion.

Marketing your website may require calculated non-emotive strategies, but web branding requires you to​ become involved in​ learning to​ express who you are as​ a​ business and​ allow emotion to​ be a​ driving force in​ the​ casting of​ your vision.

I came across a​ bottled water company recently that is​ involved in​ saving the​ rainforest. Part of​ their branding is​ that they don’t just sell water they are able to​ preserve 90 square feet of​ rainforest with every bottle of​ their water sold. They know that not everyone is​ interested in​ saving the​ rainforest, but the​ branding helps set them apart from every other water bottler. They have expressed passion in​ their branding.

There is​ a​ lesson in​ that bottle of​ water.

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