Web Branding As The Onion Peels

Web Branding As The Onion Peels

Web branding is​ the​ process of​ condensing the​ focus of​ your web-based business to​ the​ point where there is​ clarity about what makes you unique. This process is​ more than simply coming up with a​ clever slogan; it​ is​ defining your business so precisely that you define a​ new category or​ description for​ your business.

Ford developed the​ assembly line.

Coke provided tradition and​ consistency and​ now commands an​ incredible market share in​ soda.

Campbell’s perfected condensed soups.

Chick-fil-a didn’t invent the​ chicken sandwich they just perfected it.

Each of​ these brands stepped back from the​ process of​ just ‘doing business’ to​ clearly identify who they were and​ what they could do. That process of​ internal review allows them to​ be of​ as​ the​ best in​ the​ business.

Far too many businesses approach branding as​ if​ it’s a​ postage stamp that they purchase, affix to​ the​ business package and​ roll along without another thought. Ultimately this approach leaves them struggling to​ be a​ competitor without ever taking the​ business to​ the​ level of​ industry leader.

Are you content to​ simply exist in​ a​ pack of​ many similar businesses? Some are, so this article may not be for​ you. However, if​ you want to​ stand out you need to​ key in​ on what makes you unique. Like the​ outer shell of​ an​ onion you should work at​ peeling back the​ layers until you reach the​ center. This process can allow you to​ understand your business better (layer by layer) as​ you uncover the​ branding point.

Thomas Alva Edison was not so much an​ inventor as​ he was a​ man who could take an​ invention and​ improve it. He is​ credited with many inventions, but most of​ them were existing products that hadn’t realized their potential. His brand was seeing behind what exists to​ what it​ might ultimately be.

Every business needs someone to​ help figure out what it​ is​ that makes the​ business unique. What is​ it​ that you can do better than anyone else? How can you help others understand and​ accept your ownership of​ this unique selling point?

This is​ the​ heart and​ soul of​ web branding.

Yes, branding can be a​ solid adverting approach. Yes, branding can be assisted by a​ logo and​ slogan. However, these elements on their own cannot ultimately ‘brand’ your website, your business or​ your image.

Watch the​ food channel on any given night and​ you will find Rachael or​ Emeril cooking something. as​ they cook the​ product gets smaller. as​ it​ gets smaller it​ becomes more like what the​ final product will be. in​ the​ end there is​ much that needs to​ be cooked away before it​ can be called cuisine. the​ same is​ true for​ your web branding, cook away all the​ excess and​ stand amazed at​ the​ great taste in​ your ultimate web brand.

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