Web Branding And The Cashew Apple

Web Branding And The Cashew Apple

South America and​ India are prime growing locations for​ the​ cashew apple. Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of​ the​ cashew apple? Perhaps that’s understandable because in​ colder climates we never get to​ taste the​ succulent fruit, but we are accustomed to​ the​ center ‘meat’ that is​ processed and​ delivered to​ our stores in​ the​ form of​ cashews.

In India they make candied cashew apples and​ remove the​ fibrous center and​ throw it​ away (the center nut is​ what most of​ the​ world enjoys). in​ Brazil, locals make a​ dish of​ preserved cashew apples in​ sweet syrup.

The cashew apple is​ a​ delicate fruit that is​ filled with juice that nationals enjoy and​ even use for​ its medicinal qualities. the​ juice can be processed for​ a​ juice drink or​ fermented for​ an​ alcoholic beverage.

The cashew apples are too delicate to​ survive the​ trip to​ northern grocers, so the​ cashew nut in​ the​ center of​ the​ apple is​ often the​ desired portion of​ the​ cashew apple for​ those in​ the​ northern hemisphere. Interestingly nationals do not generally have an​ interest in​ the​ actual cashew – getting at​ it​ is​ too much work.

You see, the​ nut at​ the​ center of​ the​ cashew apple is​ wrapped in​ a​ caustic and​ fibrous substance that requires special processing to​ extract – it​ not exactly easy to​ get to. Sometimes these centers will simply be removed from the​ fruit and​ used in​ livestock feed.

Web branding can be a​ bit like the​ cashew apple. Each business has a​ delightful persona they can present to​ customers. in​ our analogy this would be the​ juicy fruit that is​ tasty yet quickly perishable.

I say ‘quickly perishable’ because this persona simply provides a​ first impression that may be an​ incorrect assessment of​ the​ company.

The cashew nut at​ the​ center of​ the​ apple may be the​ prize, but too often we leave it​ encased in​ a​ caustic fibrous tissue that makes it​ hard for​ customers to​ get to.

The cashew is​ the​ core of​ a​ business. the​ cashew defines a​ business in​ ways general impressions cannot. the​ cashew is​ satisfying and​ desired, but hard to​ attain when simply presented with the​ whole apple.

If we are to​ continue the​ proverbial link between cashew apples and​ web branding one step further we notice that when we do the​ hard work of​ separating the​ cashew and​ giving our customers easy access we learn that they are more inclined to​ have a​ greater understanding of​ our business, our goals, what we stand for​ and​ who we are.

If our businesses are like a​ cashew apple then we should use all parts of​ the​ apple, but we should also make sure the​ customer can easily reach the​ center. in​ order to​ do that, we need to​ know how to​ get there ourselves.

This, in​ a​ nutshell (pardon the​ pun), is​ what web branding seeks to​ accomplish – cutting through everything else so that we allow our customers to​ honestly see who we are, what we do and​ why we do it.

Web Branding And The Cashew Apple

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