Web Accessibility Facts 10 Things You Didnt Know

Web Accessibility Facts 10 Things You Didnt Know

So here is​ the​ top 10 accessible tips:

1.With the​ deadline for​ website accessibility is​ October 2004 when all points of​ the​ DDA become part of​ British law.

2.The Disabled Rights Commission (DRC) is​ a​ government-funded body empowered by the​ Disability Rights Commission Act 1999 to​ instigate formal investigations aimed at​ eliminating discrimination and​ encouraging good practice in​ the​ treatment of​ disabled people.

3.The DRC conducted accessibility testing on over 1,000 UK public and​ private sector websites and​ published their findings. Stopping short of​ naming and​ shaming, they stated that "swathes of​ businesses may not be complying with existing equal access laws" and​ that it​ is​ "only a​ matter of​ time" before they face legal action from disabled consumers.

4.One in​ seven people in​ the​ UK - about 8.5 million - suffer from some form of​ disability (Source: DRC).

5.Two million people in​ the​ UK have a​ sight problem (Source: Royal National Institute of​ the​ Blind).

6.8-10% of​ the​ male population has some sort of​ colour-blindness - for​ some reason it​ is​ more prevalent in​ men.

7.The world's first successful action over accessibility (Barry Maguire vs Sydney Olympics Organising Committee) netted the​ litigant just $20,000 in​ damages. But the​ legal costs and​ subsequent web development bill ran into millions.

8.AOL settled out of​ court in​ an​ action brought by the​ US National Federation of​ the​ Blind but they continue to​ be haunted by bad publicity from this case.

9.In February 2003 the​ Guardian newspaper slated Abbey National plc over its poor design and​ inaccessible web services - we bet they are on the​ DRC's list.

10.Accessibility isn't just about serving groups of​ disabled users: the​ same standards also enable web-access by phone and​ PDA. There will be 993 million people accessing the​ net through these devices by 2018

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