Web 2 0 To The Rescue

Web 2 0 To The Rescue

WEB 2.0 to​ the​ Rescue
You may have heard about WEB 2.0 but perhaps you thought it​ was some trendy new toy that would go by the​ wayside like lots of​ them do .​
Instead it​ represents a​ revolution in​ how the​ internet works .​
and​ to​ an​ internet retailer or​ merchant such as​ you and​ I, it​ represents a​ solution to​ one of​ the​ biggest problems we face in​ staying in​ touch with our customers and​ that is​ email deliverability problems.
The reason WEB 2.0 is​ going to​ come to​ the​ rescue in​ saving us from our email deliverability problems lies in​ how it​ basically changes the​ way people use and​ view the​ internet and​ internet communications in​ particular .​
Before WEB 2.0, if​ you wanted to​ communicate with your customers, you had to​ take the​ communication to​ them .​
Hence you put together an​ email that you sent out via a​ mass mailing or​ using a​ service and​ you hoped that you would hear back from some percentage of​ your customers about this most recent promotion.
To a​ large extent under that system, you never knew if​ the​ customer got your email or​ if​ they took advantage of​ what you have to​ offer because of​ the​ email you spent money to​ send out .​
But a​ bigger problem that has grown bigger and​ bigger with each passing year is​ that spam and​ spam filter software that is​ designed to​ protect individuals from the​ potentially dangerous effects of​ spam also have created a​ huge problem of​ email delivery verification for​ online merchants to​ contend with.
As long as​ the​ formula is​ that the​ merchant must take marketing to​ the​ customer, email delivery problems will be the​ bane of​ the​ internet merchant's existence .​
That is​ why WEB 2.0 is​ going to​ come to​ the​ rescue by changing the​ basic assumption of​ how we communicate to​ customers .​
With WEB 2.0, you no longer have to​ take marketing to​ the​ customer because the​ way the​ internet now works is​ customers come to​ you where you can interact and​ market to​ them dynamically on your web site where they might hang out for​ extended periods of​ time.
WEB 2.0 and​ how it​ works can be seen in​ some of​ the​ most explosive new internet services of​ the​ last five years including YouTube, MySpace and​ Wikipedia .​
These web sites are the​ first fruits of​ a​ redesign of​ the​ internet that makes cyberspace a​ place where the​ internet population create the​ content and​ how customers interact on your web site is​ as​ important or​ more important than what you put on the​ web site yourself .​

WEB 2.0 has the​ potential to​ take email out of​ the​ marketing loop entirely .​
if​ you retrofit your web site to​ accommodate the​ interactive concepts you see used on Wikis, on YouTube and​ on MySpace, you can create an​ environment so driven by customers that it​ is​ an​ ideal environment for​ marketing, for​ customer communications and​ for​ sales .​
You can use this kind of​ online community setting to​ place your sales force in​ a​ cyber sales room to​ casually interact with customers and​ guide them to​ purchase decisions in​ a​ low key, no pressure way that is​ just what customers like in​ an​ online community.
One of​ the​ great innovations of​ the​ WEB 2.0 approach to​ web site design is​ that you can actually link videos or​ web site pages from other web sites and​ make them part of​ your own .​
Get familiar with the​ way modern web sites work and​ interact with your web development gurus so they can guide you in​ how to​ use WEB 2.0 methodologies to​ bring customers to​ your sales setting rather than having to​ go to​ them with email marketing campaigns .​
and​ when you have successfully made that transition, you may never have to​ worry about email deliverability issues again.

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