Web 2 0 Tag Based Forum

Web 2 0 Tag Based Forum

Web 2.0 generally refers to​ a​ second generation of​ services available on the​ World Wide Web that lets people collaborate and​ share information online. Web 2.0 application often use a​ combination of​ techniques devised in​ the​ late 1990s, including public web service APIs, Ajax and​ web syndication. They often allow for​ mass publishing (web-based social software). the​ term may include blogs and​ wikis.

Lately, a​ new Web 2.0 application has launched called SayOutLoud. SayOutLoud is​ an​ interesting and​ new approach to​ your average discussion board site. It's not a​ discussion system that you download and​ install on your site, but a​ one location where anyone can go and​ discuss anything at​ all. it​ uses tagging rather then using forums and​ threads to​ organize content. the​ system is​ extremely minimalist and​ is​ designed in​ a​ way that anyone can get in​ and​ start a​ discussion.

A tag is​ a​ keyword which acts like a​ subject or​ category. a​ keyword is​ used to​ organize webpages and​ objects on the​ Internet. Each user "tags" a​ webpage or​ image using his/her own unique tag. an​ image or​ webpage may have multiple tags that identify it. Webpages and​ images with identical tags are then linked together and​ users may use the​ tag to​ search for​ similar webpages and​ images.

When you submit your story to​ SayOutLoud, it​ notifies several other Web 2.0 services including Del.icio.us and​ Technorati about your post. Because these systems also support tagging, hundreds of​ users watching a​ the​ tag(s) you posted to​ will immideately discover your post. You can have the​ experts reading whatever you had to​ say out loud in​ minutes.

SayOutLoud also features your average discussion board functionality where you can search posts and​ users, manage your profile, and​ post new threads. Although the​ main difference is​ that everything is​ organized with folksonomy so when searching for​ users and​ threads, you can search by tag. Because of​ this, it​ also makes it​ easy for​ me to​ find people with related interests and​ to​ follow their discussion simply by searching for​ users on a​ specific interest tag. I type in​ "AJAX" and​ I get a​ list of​ members that are interested in​ Ajax. Same applies to​ threads. Furthermore, you can also view a​ tag cloud so you can find new and​ popular discussions.

SayOutLoud - http://www.sayoutloud.com/

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