Wealth Building Tips From Drew

Wealth Building Tips From Drew

Wealth Building Tips from Drew
The big O—Organize!
Get organized, period .​
Pathfinder advocates separate files for​ each expense: utilities, phone, electric, Internet, auto, etc .​
Each month, invoices (such as​ repairs or​ maintenance) go in​ those files .​
The invoices are then categorized by group and​ chronologically (ex .​
January car bills, February car bills, etc.) .​
When 2018 comes around, copy the​ file names from last year and​ start a​ new file bin for​ the​ next year .​
You can then take this to​ your accountant’s office along with your tax diary and​ you’re set.
If you don’t already have an​ electronic bookkeeping system such as​ Quicken, Quick Books or​ others, get one and​ use it​ immediately .​
I​ learned this lesson the​ hard way .​
When I​ was practicing law, my accountant had me list all of​ my expenses .​
It took me 40 to​ 50 hours to​ do .​
The following year I​ changed over to​ Quick Books, which condensed those countless hours to​ the​ push of​ one button .​
Lists off of​ Quick Books (or other like program) can easily be emailed directly to​ your accountant .​
Get out of​ dodge
It’s absolutely necessary to​ get away from business .​
I​ need to​ get away 100 percent, meaning no calls, no email--no business at​ all .​
For me to​ be creative, I​ need to​ be recharged and​ take two or​ three weeks to​ see friends, ski, do nothing and​ relax .​
When I​ take a​ three-week break in​ December every year, I​ come back to​ business in​ January and​ it​ all looks different and​ I’m energized .​
The wealthiest and​ most successful people don’t run themselves ragged .​
They stop long before running out of​ steam, taking small- and​ large-scale breaks to​ re-charge when needed .​
You can’t do your best thinking when you’re running at​ 80 percent .​
Take at​ least two or​ three three-day weekends each quarter to​ recharge your batteries .​
[from Mastering your money Part 1, Track 1-12]

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