Ways To Show Appreciation To Nursing Assistants

Ways to​ Show Appreciation to​ Nursing Assistants
Nursing Assistants work very hard to​ offer a​ contribution to​ the medical field .​
They work hard to​ help patients meet their basic needs .​
They also offer comfort and support .​
They work one on one with patients, getting to​ know them better than the other medical staff .​
They use this knowledge to​ make things easier for the patient as​ well as​ to​ help the other staff do what is​ best for the patient .​
In addition, they work with Nursing staff, often assisting with anything that comes up at​ a​ moments notice.
While most Nursing Assistants are happy in​ their role, they often do feel like they are taken for granted .​
The do so much behind the scenes that often the patients and the employer don’t realize all that they contribute to​ the overall goals of​ the medical facility and the medical profession as​ a​ whole .​
There are several things patients, staff, and employers can do to​ recognize the efforts of​ Nursing Assistants.
Many patients and their family choose to​ send a​ simply thank you note or​ letter to​ the Nursing Assistant .​
Often, this heartfelt thank you is​ more than sufficient .​
It can often help a​ Nursing Assistant stay motivated, knowing what they do really does make a​ difference for many people .​
a​ simple gift of​ candy, flowers, or​ a​ gift card can also be a​ great token of​ appreciation for someone who offered so much during your time of​ need.
Many Nursing Assistants do not feel appreciated by other medical staff, especially the Nursing staff they work directly under .​
Too often Nursing staff only point of​ what a​ Nursing Assistant didn’t do .​
This needs to​ be addressed, and verbal appreciation needs to​ be expressed towards the efforts of​ Nursing Assistants .​
Another great way to​ show appreciation is​ to​ ask Nursing Assistants for their input regarding patient care and include them in​ discussions about how to​ handle particular patient issues .​
This will definitely make them feel appreciated and valued .​
Employers need to​ work hard to​ make Nursing Assistants feel appreciated as​ well .​
With them being is​ such high demand, they need to​ work hard to​ keep those quality workers they already have .​
In addition, their attitude towards the issue will often set the tone for other medical staff.
Employers can extend appreciation to​ individual Nursing Assistants or​ the profession as​ a​ whole in​ employment newsletters .​
These are often well read materials that pertain to​ the medical facility and can be distributed monthly or​ every pay day along with your check .​
If your facility participates in​ Medical Appreciate Week, then it​ is​ imperative that the Nursing Assistants feel honored during that time as​ well .​
Some employers offer raises to​ Nursing Assistants based on their performance as​ a​ bonus to​ recognize their efforts.
It is​ important to​ understand that Nursing Assistants don’t enter the profession looking for recognition .​
They sincerely want to​ help others the best way they can .​
However, being over worked and under appreciated it​ a​ mix that leads to​ stress, burnout, and often leaving the profession .​
Medical facilities need to​ take the opportunity to​ inform other staff of​ all the duties Nursing Assistants perform .​
Other staff and the facility need to​ work hard to​ make them feel as​ important as​ any other staff member .​
Too often, the mentality is​ that they are entry level workers with less education .​
This misconception will lead to​ a​ continued shortage of​ Nursing Assistants to​ help patients and other staff .​
That being said, it​ is​ definitely to​ the advantage of​ the staff and facility to​ make sure Nursing Assistants feel welcome, appreciated, and an​ intricate part of​ the team .​

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