Warm Mist Home Humidifier Review

Warm Mist Home Humidifier Review

A home humidifier review is​ the best place to​ look for information before purchasing an​ appliance for your home. You have the choice between a​ whole house humidifier or​ a​ portable unit for use in​ the bedroom. Unless you live in​ a​ very dry climate, a​ single room humidifier should be sufficient.
A review of​ humidifiers is​ the best source of​ information before you start shopping for a​ unit for your home. Most reviews are separated by type of​ humidifier. The most common are cool mist or​ warm mist types. There are benefits to​ each type. Read about both before you shop.

Once you have decided on the type you want, read reviews of​ specific models. Reviews have a​ variety of​ sources from professional reviews, to​ consumer reviews. There are even some slick advertisers that are able to​ disguise their advertising to​ look like a​ review.

Consumer sources are great for information about how a​ particular unit has worked for others. However, they generally don’t give a​ comparison to​ other products. a​ professional review should be unbiased and often will give comparisons between different models. Read from a​ variety of​ sources to​ give you a​ good picture of​ a​ particular model.

Cool Mist Home Humidifier

A cool mist humidifier uses cold water and vibration in​ creating the mist. Because these machines use only cold water, they are a​ great choice for the nursery or​ a​ younger child’s bedroom. There is​ no risk of​ scalding with hot water, like there is​ with warm mist humidifiers or​ a​ steam vaporizer.

Because the water is​ not heated, these machines have a​ greater risk of​ releasing bacteria and mold spores into the air. The stagnant water inside the machine is​ a​ perfect breeding ground for microorganisms. Proper cleaning and disinfecting the machine can help prevent this problem. Empty the water after every use. Clean out the machine and use a​ disinfectant cleaner regularly. Make sure to​ dry the tank completely. Add fresh water before each use.

A warm mist humidifier uses hot water to​ create steam in​ the room. Because the water is​ heated, there is​ less risk of​ bacteria and mold spores in​ the air. Proper cleaning and maintenance of​ the machine will eliminate the risk altogether. This includes cleaning and disinfecting the machine regularly and changing filters as​ needed.

Warm mist machines are great for treating colds and congestion that are so common in​ the winter. Many allow you to​ add liquid medications to​ the water to​ help relieve symptoms. Because they use hot water, they are often not the best choice for use in​ a​ child’s bedroom. There is​ always the risk of​ burns if​ your child pulls the unit down. This is​ particularly dangerous with infants or​ young children.

Warm Mist Home Humidifier Review

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