Want To Learn A Snow Sport Go With A Pro

For many, the​ arrival of​ winter is​ simply something to​ suffer through until the​ warmer months of​ spring and​ summer. But for​ others, cold weather signals a​ time to​ dust off the​ skis, grab the​ snow gear and​ head outside.

While winter sports like skiing and​ snowboarding can be intimidating for​ beginners, especially if​ they're learning from a​ friend or​ family member who's not trained in​ these sports, package deals and​ multi-day lift tickets are leading many to​ rethink giving these snow sports a​ try.

Whatever your motivation - whether it​ is​ beginner's curiosity or​ the​ desire to​ ski triple black diamonds - one thing that can help alleviate any fears you may have is​ a​ lesson from an​ experienced instructor.

The Professional Ski Instructors Association and​ the​ American Association of​ Snowboard Instructors have helped advance lessons throughout the​ country, and​ many resorts work to​ help instructors obtain certifications and​ become better teachers in​ general.

Instructors are now trained to​ not only help you understand skiing and​ snowboarding, regardless of​ your expertise or​ how comfortable you are on the​ snow, but create an​ overall experience that is​ fun, positive and​ catered to​ your needs.

In fact, one of​ the​ most attractive aspects about learning to​ ski or​ snowboard is​ that they can be enjoyed by all ages, instructors say. Kids start as​ early as​ the​ age of​ 2, which can promote healthy activity and​ help them build confidence, develop coordination and​ appreciate the​ great outdoors. On the​ other hand, many adults ski or​ snowboard well into their 70s, enjoying the​ experience of​ outdoor activities with family or​ other physically active seniors.

Besides learning the​ proper techniques, instructors will go over safety related information with you in​ order to​ reduce accidents. Also, instructors will arm you with skiing and​ snowboarding etiquette. This includes knowing that the​ skier or​ snowboarder in​ front of​ you has the​ right of​ way and​ learning to​ check the​ snow conditions before you head out to​ the​ slopes.

Many people who already have skiing or​ snowboarding experience also find it​ beneficial to​ take lessons. From learning new techniques to​ testing new equipment, intermediate and​ advanced skiers and​ snowboarders are able to​ reach new levels with professional instruction.

"Certified professional instructors are dedicated to​ helping guests get the​ most out of​ their experience on the​ mountain," said Jeb Boyd, snow sports school director at​ Loon Mountain Resort in​ New Hampshire.

With resorts like Jackson Hole, Aspen, Telluride, Killington and​ Mammoth Mountain offering everything from beginner slopes to​ terrain parks, many are pushing themselves onto the​ slopes and​ looking to​ instructors to​ help them gain the​ confidence they need, in​ an​ environment that is​ exhilarating and​ yet entirely foreign.

Memories of​ unsuccessful attempts to​ ski or​ snowboard leave some with an​ innate fear of​ the​ sports. However, many who venture back onto the​ snow find that lessons from a​ certified professional increase their fun, improve their skills and​ open up a​ whole new world to​ them.

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