Want The Best Advertising Bang For Your Free

Want The Best Advertising Bang For Your Free

Want the​ Best Advertising Bang for​ Your… Free?
New marketers often come online, hoping to​ make their fortune, but the​ success rate is​ slim .​
According to​ Ken McArthur at​ AffiliateShowcase.com, it’s only 5% .​
The reasons for​ that difference between the​ successful and​ the​ unsuccessful are myriad, but one reason is​ that folks don’t advertise enough or​ in​ the​ right ways .​
Did you know that there are some great free ways to​ get all the​ visitors you need?
The best free advertising online today comes from three distinct practices:
* Writing a​ blog
* Writing articles
* Using traffic exchanges
Let’s look at​ these three methods a​ bit closer.
Writing a​ blog is​ simple and​ anyone can do it .​
Web logs, or​ as​ we’ve come to​ call them—blogs, can be about anything, but I’d advise you to​ write about something you know well .​
What’s your passion or​ hobby? Do you have some specialized knowledge that you can rely on to​ write a​ blog that others will subscribe to​ and​ enjoy? Those are good places to​ start .​
But whatever the​ subject may be, you can capitalize by advertising the​ site you want to​ promote in​ a​ sidebar to​ the​ blog, where space is​ provided for​ you to​ enter links and​ text ads .​
Or, you can include information about a​ product that complements what you’re writing about from another source .​
For instance, if​ you’re writing a​ blog about fly fishing, use it​ to​ advertise books about fly fishing that are available at​ Amazon.com with an​ affiliate link.
The second avenue to​ great free advertising is​ article writing .​
Again, you’ll want to​ write about things you know .​
For instance, if​ you’re the​ head of​ the​ PTA, you may have some great ideas about fund-raising .​
Or, if​ you’re a​ banker, you may want to​ write about different types of​ investment opportunities .​
Whatever you write about should be accurate and​ concise for​ two reasons: you want the​ article to​ be accepted by distribution sites and​ you want people to​ enjoy your writing .​
This may prompt them to​ find other articles that you have written online and​ allow you to​ build a​ following .​
Once you have a​ regular reader core and​ have branded yourself as​ an​ author, people are more willing to​ join your program or​ pay for​ your product .​
Plus, once distributed, your article may sit on dozens of​ sites, rather than just one, giving you much broader exposure .​
Use a​ resource box, which is​ article-jargon for​ signature file, to​ advertise your opportunity because unlike blogs, you can’t write whatever you want .​
Articles should never be blatant advertisements.
When it​ comes to​ attracting visitors, traffic exchanges have a​ similar effect, though the​ results are more immediate .​
The premise of​ a​ traffic exchange is​ that you view other advertisers’ sites so that they will view yours .​
This is​ accomplished via many different means from clicking on words, numbers, or​ symbols to​ move to​ the​ next ad, or​ with some, by clicking text ads .​
Other than pro traffic exchanges, which charge for​ memberships, most traffic exchanges are free to​ join .​
The amount of​ advertising you receive is​ only limited by the​ amount of​ time you want to​ surf others’ sites .​
It’s a​ fast, easy way to​ get the​ job done.
Because each method of​ advertising has a​ unique way of​ attracting visitors, spending time cultivating all three options is​ advisable .​
Yet, if​ you want to​ be taken seriously, it’s best to​ learn how to​ write cogently before plunging in​ headlong .​
a​ negative first impression can color a​ reader’s opinion of​ you forever .​
Make that first encounter a​ good one .​
Since traffic exchanges take no time and​ little consideration to​ produce results, start there and​ expand to​ the​ other avenues of​ traffic as​ your writing ability grows .​
Next thing you know, you’ll need more bandwidth to​ accommodate all the​ visitors clamoring to​ support you!

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