Waikiki Beach Vacation

Located on​ the​ sun drenched Hawaiian Island of​ Oahu,​
Waikiki Beach is​ one of​ the​ most famous and well
known beaches in​ the​ entire world,​ with luxurious
hotels and beach clubs set right on​ the​ beach. The
famous Kalakaua Avenue,​ which runs parallel to​ the
beach,​ offers you a​ shoppers paradise with fine
restaurants and nightly entertainment.
Waikiki Beach is​ also known for its gentle waves
which are ideal for beginner surfers. You can rent
surfboards and gear on​ the​ beach,​ even take lessons
if you have never surfed before.
Catamaran rides to​ and from Diamond Head are also
offered by several different companies as​ well,​
with depart times varying. Other activities on​
your vacation include kayaking,​ swimming,​ and
outrigger canoeing.
There are several restaurants located right on​
Waikiki Beach,​ such as​ Dukes Canoe Club and the
Surf Room. When the​ evening sets in,​ you can enjoy
a romantic dinner while you watch the​ sun set over
the beautiful and amazing Pacific Ocean.
Waikiki Beach hotels
As you travel along the​ beach from west to​ east
beginning in​ Diamond Head,​ you'll encounter several
first class hotels such as​ Hilton Hawaiian Village,​
Sheraton Waikiki,​ Outrigger Hawaii,​ the​ Royal
Hawaiian Hotel,​ and several others.
The Waikiki difference
While there are several other spots for your beach
vacation,​ few manage to​ capture the​ beauty and
tranquility that Waikiki offers. Hawaii has long
been known for a​ tropical paradise,​ with Maui being
an excellent example. Hawaii offers several beaches,​
with Waikiki being one of​ the​ best.
If you've been looking for the​ ideal place for your
beach vacation,​ you shouldn't hesitate to​ go to
Waikiki. You can find discounts on​ hotel rooms
at different times of​ the​ year,​ making it​ the​
perfect opportunity to​ check out everything Hawaii
will provide you and your family with.

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