Volvo S60 Made Even Sportier According To Automaker

Volvo S60 Made Even Sportier According To Automaker

The Volvo brand has come up with a​ mission: to​ further refine and​ sharpen the​ Volvo S60. Despite the​ fact that this vehicle is​ already on the​ sporty mode, it​ seems like the​ car brand is​ still not satisfied and​ would like to​ give this vehicle further enhancements.

To back this up, Gerry Keaney, the​ senior vice president of​ Volvo’s marketing, sales, and​ customer service, explains, “We’re making the​ S60 even sportier in​ every respect. We’ve both spiced up the​ design and​ fine-tuned the​ chassis to​ create a​ car with even greater driving appeal.”

The restyled Volvo S60 will come with a​ front spoiler that has been crafted and​ made to​ make the​ vehicle look more pronounced. it​ would also be a​ protruding contour at​ the​ vehicle’s bottom. There would also be new sills and​ a​ new rear lower bumper. Each of​ these has been color coordinated with the​ car body itself. the​ S60’s boot lid could also be specified with a​ sporty new wing spoiler. There would also be a​ new grille which is​ quite larger and​ more pronounced compared to​ the​ previous one. the​ Volvo seal and​ badge would also be more pronounced and​ has been designed to​ be classic yet rejuvenated.

The S60’s exterior color choices have been upgraded. Now, three new colors have been added which include Electric Silver, Orinoco Blue, and​ Maple Red. the​ same number has been added to​ its new aluminum wheels.

The exterior is​ not the​ only thing that has been updated. the​ interior would also be made sportier with its metal décor trims as​ well as​ its twin-tone leather upholstery. the​ cabin would be receiving new Grid Aluminum metal décor panels which are optional. Although, these panels are actually designed so as​ to​ create a​ more three-dimensional impression and​ tactile feeling.

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