Vizio Vp42 Review

Vizio VP42 Review
Although this TV doesn’t have burn in​ protection facilities, it​ has an​ amazing image quality and the price is​ really affordable .​
This is​ one of​ the best affordable TVs with a​ great price .​
It does cost less than any product in​ its category; however, who would have thought that, when considering image quality, it​ will be on the second place .​
This is​ one of​ the best TVs when it​ comes to​ picture quality; a​ perfect choice for a​ picky person with a​ low budget .​
Although the image quality is​ great and it​ couldn’t get better for this price, this HDTV actually lacks 1080i or​ 1080p capabilities .​
You might get tricked and think that it​ actually has 1080p even if​ you have a​ lot of​ experience .​
If this is​ a​ feature that you need to​ have, you will be disappointed because it’s easy to​ purchase this TV without being aware that it​ lacks this option .​
It is​ not clearly marked to​ alert potential buyers that the 1080 capabilities are featured in​ this product.
This great HDTV managed to​ score high with its video quality .​
It just looks extremely good .​
However, a​ little annoying problem was the fact that facial details were a​ little glossy but that’s not even noticeable .​
Other than that, this TV behaved very well on all the other tests and managed to​ impress us .​
The menu is​ similar to​ the one found on the Vizio Gallevia GV42LF LCD so if​ you had one of​ those you will manage to​ set up this one .​
Otherwise, you will need to​ spend a​ little more time with your new HDTV because everything is​ a​ bit difficult to​ set up .​
Inputs aren’t very accessible and the on screen menu can be very annoying; it​ has a​ very small text with annoying colors which make everything difficult to​ read .​
Another odd thing about this TV is​ the fact that as​ soon as​ you ran the setup wizard, the TV doesn’t let you run it​ again, so be careful with the settings you choose .​
It doesn’t have many features; it​ has no headphone jack, no USB port so don’t think that you can listen to​ music or​ see any photos on your TV from an​ external source .​
Most HDTVs have this option but the Vizio VP42 missed it .​
Also when searching for channels, it​ might have problems finding them, even if​ you know it​ is​ receiving them .​
You will notice that it​ cannot really identify all the channels there.
A great big screen TV, the Vizio VP42 may be passed over by experienced users who plan to​ do a​ lot of​ things with their flat screens .​
Unfortunately, with the lack of​ so many key features such as​ a​ simple headphone jack, they may look elsewhere for good and affordable plasma’s and HDTV’s that have a​ lot more options and features.
Although you have the picture-in-picture option, you might find it​ very difficult to​ use as​ they forgot to​ put a​ button for it​ on the remote control; this is​ very annoying sometimes .​
Like all the plasma sets out there, this one also has a​ problem with burn-ins .​
Unfortunately, the manufacturers made no features to​ prevent burn ins and this only happens to​ this plasma TV, all the other out there have some sort of​ burn-in protection .​
A representative from Vizio, however, will make sure that you don’t worry about these things because, they say, the Vizio TV has no problems with burn-ins .​
Considering the very small price, you might want to​ take that chance and buy this amazing TV .​
When it​ comes to​ remotes, the Vizio VP42’s remote isn’t the best I​ ever saw .​
It has a​ lot of​ small annoying buttons which will give you a​ hard time .​
Also, they didn’t make it​ programmable and there is​ actually no PiP button .​
Another disadvantage is​ the fact that it​ doesn’t glow in​ the dark, making things a​ lot harder .​
Considering the disadvantages and the advantages, my conclusion is​ that this TV is​ worth buying .​
You will never find this quality for such a​ small price .​
It is​ a​ great option for any home, and it​ might prove to​ be a​ better investment than other products which are more expensive .​

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