Vizio Vo47lf Lcd Hdtv Review

Vizio VO47LF LCD HDTV Review
The latest Vizio VO47LF LCD HDTV comes like a​ bolt out of​ the blue with its impressive image quality and affordable price.
At 47-inches, this TV lives up to​ the Vizio HDTV tradition of​ presenting premium image quality for a​ cost that blows the competition right out of​ the water .​
Not to​ say Vizio VO47LF is​ faultless .​
a​ common drawback to​ the Vizio line is​ its difficult set-up procedure, not to​ mention the non-movable stand and the obvious absence of​ multimedia USB ports.
Including a​ stand would have been a​ good idea considering the fact that these types of​ televisions sets can be difficult to​ swivel and pivot when you want to​ reach the back hookups .​
Another reason to​ add a​ good base that can move is​ to​ allow consumers to​ set up their home entertainment centers anyway they please with a​ minimum of​ fuss .​
a​ swiveled base would make this easy as​ you would not have to​ drag the entire set back and forth to​ find that perfect view.
Making it​ easier to​ setup would have also been a​ grand idea .​
While its not the most difficult HDTV ever to​ get up and running, its lack of​ clear instructions and many connectors can and will leave some consumers absolutely confused and how to​ attach certain wires .​
This could require them to​ pay large sums of​ money to​ have an​ outside company set it​ up for them.
The design is​ decidedly simple; however, someone's lack of​ foresight might have resulted in​ the VO47LF's input panel to​ be located at​ the back and faced down, which can be inconvenient .​
The accessible screen on the menu can has a​ hard-to-read blue interface accompanied with blue text .​
Certain modification on screen can also be frustrating, such as​ the adjustable tint not allowing complete color customization.
The good news is​ that fiddling with the input plugs of​ various devices and color set-ups are no longer necessary .​
The bad news is​ that switching between your DVD player, cable connection, and VCR still requires regular input changes .​
a​ button on the VO47LF's remote control allows you to​ chose which appliance you want to​ use from a​ list-even the inactive sources-and must be bypassed every time .​
The Vizio remote has buttons can let you access different input types despite having indirect button commands .​
A more or​ less average remote so far, but the backlighting feature does more than make up for it .​
Losing the remote in​ the dark becomes a​ thing of​ the past .​
The remote controls the set although that's about it .​
There aren't any programmable features otherwise.
Fortunately, the instructions manual helps customers dive into the VO47LF experience with relative ease .​
The quick-start guide comes in​ the form of​ a​ large back-to-back fold-out poster .​
All of​ the manual's 76 pages are in​ English, easy to​ read and decipher.
There isn't much in​ the way of​ extra features .​
The VO47LF is​ decidedly Spartan with its picture-in-picture option and a​ free HDMI cable .​
But for a​ high definition TV in​ the classic sense, the Vizio VO47LF remains true to​ its cause and delivers excellent picture quality .​
Once put to​ our tests, the VO47LF grabbed itself a​ handful of​ Goods, a​ spattering of​ Fairs, and absolutely no Poors .​
It even scored quite a​ bit of​ Superiors-a ranking that doesn't come easily from our esoteric standards.
The VO4LF's strength comes in​ its sound quality which easily surpasses its competition .​
Dialogue is​ crisp and music clips come out packing a​ punch.
All in​ all, the Vizio VO47LF carries with it​ terrific image quality for a​ package price no one should miss.

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