Vitiligo Treatment Options

Vitiligo is​ a​ skin condition affecting the​ body's production of​ melanin in​ the​ skin, which causes white patches of​ skin on the​ body. There is​ no known cure for​ vitiligo, but the​ symptoms may be treated using various methods.

One treatment for​ vitiligo involves photo therapy, or​ treatment using light. With this method, ultraviolet rays are used to​ stimulate the​ body's melanocytes, which are the​ cells that produce melanin.

Another treatment involves grafting healthy skin into the​ areas of​ skin affected by vitiligo. Hopefully, the​ melanocytes in​ the​ healthy skin will begin producing melanin an​ obscure the​ pale spots of​ skin.

Herbal treatments have been used for​ centuries for​ treating vitiligo. Herbal treatments general involve a​ comprehensive treatment not only of​ the​ symptoms, but of​ suspected underlying causes. for​ example, a​ typical Chinese herbal treatment would address the​ symptoms of​ vitiligo with a​ topical, but it​ would also attempt to​ address underlying causes, such as​ the​ immune system, digestive system, liver, kidneys, and​ chi.

Homeopathic treatments are also used for​ vitiligo. Like herbal treatments, they attempt to​ address underlying causes, not just the​ symptoms.

One of​ the​ newest treatments for​ vitiligo is​ laser treatment therapy. Just like photo therapy, it​ uses ultraviolet rays to​ stimulate the​ melanocytes in​ your skin. Unlike photo therapy, however, it​ focuses the​ light using a​ laser, so it​ promises to​ be more effective and​ causes fewer side effects.

One treatment that is​ not often used involves using a​ chemical to​ uniformly remove pigmentation from the​ skin, so that the​ patient's skin is​ uniform instead of​ splotchy.

Doctors also sometimes use a​ combination of​ different treatments, sometimes with very good results. the​ results of​ treatment are largely dependent on how severe the​ case is. in​ a​ large percentage of​ cases, treatment is​ successful in​ largely mitigating the​ condition. However, much research remains to​ be done on vitiligo.
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