Vitamins To Supplement Or Not To Supplement

Vitamins to​ Supplement or​ Not to​ Supplement?
Over half of​ Americans today take a​ multivitamin of​ some kind,​ believing that it​ will help them to​ stave off chronic disease and health deficiencies but health experts are in​ disagreement over the​ necessity of​ these supplements. Some doctors and nutritionists feel that a​ multivitamin a​ day is​ absolutely critical to​ a​ healthy body,​ while others point out that with a​ proper diet and exercise vitamin supplementation may be simply redundant.
Some people even take multivitamins or​ other supplements as​ a​ way of​ replacing the​ need for a​ healthy diet rich in​ fruits and vegetables,​ or​ before engaging in​ damaging behavior such as​ binge drinking or​ recreational ​Drug​ use.
Health experts are largely in​ disagreement on​ the​ subject of​ vitamin supplements,​ but on​ this area they agree a​ multivitamin does not obviate the​ human requirement for a​ healthy diet. in​ contrast,​ many health experts believe that a​ healthy diet renders vitamin supplements unnecessary,​ but none suggest that vitamins alone reduce the​ need for healthy eating.
Some individuals claim that a​ proper vitamin supplementation regimen can resolve problems ranging from digestive issues to​ irregular heartbeats,​ but there are still insufficient clinical studies to​ conclusively indicate whether a​ multivitamin is​ beneficial to​ most healthy adults.
Ironically,​ those who use multivitamins the​ most are generally healthier,​ more active,​ and more conscious about their diets than those who choose not to​ use vitamin supplementation at​ all. as​ such,​ those who would likely see the​ greatest benefit generally avoid using a​ vitamin supplement at​ all.
The major issue that most health professionals have with readily available mass produced multivitamin supplements is​ their one size fits all approach without individualized testing and custom design for a​ vitamin supplement program to​ suit the​ individual,​ even when taking a​ multivitamin there may be a​ serious surplus of​ one element despite a​ significant deficiency of​ another.
Since people of​ different age groups,​ body types,​ and activity levels all require different types of​ supplements,​ it​ is​ advisable to​ get full testing done in​ order to​ determine what vitamins really are necessary rather than simply purchasing an over the​ counter multivitamin tablet.

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