Vitamins And Asthma

Vitamins And Asthma
More than 10 million American’s throughout the​ United States suffer from asthma .​
Asthma is​ very common,​ with doctors considering it​ to​ be a​ new epidemic .​
Most Americans who suffer from asthma blame it​ on​ environmental pollution,​ along with the​ increasing exposure of​ toxic chemicals throughout the​ air .​
Deaths that result from asthma are on​ the​ rise,​ due to​ those who have it​ not recognizing the​ early warning signs.
The condition of​ asthma causes the​ airways in​ the​ lungs to​ swell,​ throw out thick mucus,​ and over time spasm .​
the​ swelling that takes place will make the​ airways smaller,​ making it​ difficult to​ breathe .​
the​ first attack from asthma that you experience may include congestion,​ pain,​ wheezing,​ a​ shortness of​ breath,​ dryness in​ the​ mouth,​ coughing,​ and a​ feeling as​ if​ you have a​ fever.
Contrary to​ what you may think,​ just about anything can result in​ asthma .​
the​ more common triggers of​ it​ include allergies,​ an​ upper respiratory infection,​ stress,​ over exertion in​ exercise,​ or​ even the​ lack of​ a​ proper diet .​
Out of​ all the​ triggers,​ allergies tends to​ be the​ most common .​

In most cases,​ asthma attacks are the​ result of​ exposure to​ things such as​ smoke,​ pollen,​ gas odors,​ and even automotive exhaust .​
Foods can also trigger attacks as​ well,​ such as​ peanuts,​ corn,​ chocolate,​ and almost all dairy products .​
If you take any type of​ antibiotics,​ tranquilizers,​ or​ hormones,​ it​ may prompt asthma .​
Asthma is​ a​ serious and somewhat annoying condition,​ one that millions of​ us face on​ a​ daily basis.
There are several mineral,​ vitamin,​ and herbal supplements that you can take to​ treat asthma .​
Among all that you can take,​ vitamin B is​ among the​ most important .​
Vitamin B maintains a​ biochemical balance in​ the​ body and it​ can also reduce the​ severity of​ the​ attacks .​
If you take vitamin a​ and E together,​ they can work to​ protect your lungs against air pollution .​
You can also take large doses of​ vitamin C as​ well,​ as​ it​ is​ very effective in​ fighting asthma.
Gingko biloba is​ effective as​ well,​ as​ it​ will enhance your breathing and help with your bronchial reactions .​
Oder-less garlic is​ another great choice,​ as​ it​ contains an​ anti-inflammatory agent that will reduce your chances of​ an​ attack .​
Throughout the​ world of​ vitamins and supplements,​ there are many different things that you can take to​ fight back against asthma.
Anytime that you suspect you may have asthma,​ you shouldn’t hesitate to​ go to​ your doctor and be tested for it​ as​ soon as​ possible .​
Your doctor will be able to​ tell you if​ you have it,​ and how severe it​ may be .​
In the​ meantime,​ you should avoid known triggers and be sure that you are eating a​ high protein diet with plenty of​ fruits and vegetables .​
You should also eat a​ few meals throughout the​ day,​ instead of​ sticking with the​ three most common meals - breakfast,​ lunch,​ and dinner.
As a​ whole,​ asthma can be very stressful .​
There are ways that you can fight back and help to​ eliminate asthma,​ which is​ always great news .​
If your doctor tells you that you indeed have asthma,​ you should ask him any questions that come to​ mind,​ as​ well as​ his advice on​ what you should and shouldn’t do .​
Even though it​ may not seem like it​ at​ the​ time,​ asthma can be prevented,​ and it​ doesn’t always have to​ stop you from doing things you love to​ do .​
Although it​ may slow you down - you can always stop it.

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