Vitamin Wars Natural Vs Synthetic

Vitamin Wars Natural VS Synthetic
In the​ beginning,​ God created allnatural whole vitamins,​ which were available directly from vegetables and fruits. Then man depleted earths soil,​ robbing our foods of​ their natural nutrients.
Apples,​ peaches,​ and pumpkin pie became less delicious and not as​ nutritious as​ Eden intended. No problem. Just add sugar,​ and artificial flavoring,​ and. . . voilà! to​ supplement our foodless foods,​ men invented vitamins. Then scientists said,​ Lets create synthetic vitamins! That way,​ theyll be really cheap to​ manufacture and hopefully just as​ good as​ those expensive allnatural vitamins.
We now know that synthetics vitamins are not as​ good as​ allnatural vitamins. Not even close.
To demonstrate the​ point,​ experiments have shown that when polarized light is​ placed through synthetic vitamins,​ the​ light acts much differently than when it​ is​ placed through whole vitamins. When polarized light is​ placed through whole vitamins,​ the​ light beam bends to​ the​ right. When this same light passes through a​ synthetic vitamin,​ the​ beam splits in​ half.
Science has not created a​ vitamin equivalent to​ natures whole vitamins. Synthetic vitamins only give you half the​ biological activity as​ whole vitamins. in​ fact,​ research shows that synthetic vitamins can actually be dangerous to​ your health!
Nevertheless,​ most vitamins on​ the​ market today use stripped down synthetic vitamins rather than whole vitamins coming straight from vegetables and fruits! the​ reason is​ simple; synthetic vitamins are much cheaper to​ manufacture. Healthconscious individuals need to​ appreciate the​ importance of​ giving their bodies whole vitamins,​ along with other critical nutrients.
A perfect example is​ Ascorbic Acid,​ the​ synthetic form of​ Vitamin C. Ascorbic Acid can actually harm the​ body by thickening the​ arterial walls of​ the​ heart by as​ much as​ two and a​ half times! Beware of​ Ascorbic Acid!
Another example is​ synthetic Vitamin E. Taking the​ synthetic form of​ Vitamin E has been proven to​ actually suck vitamins and minerals right out of​ your bones. Synthetic Vitamin E can do more harm than good!
Face facts theres just no substitute for AllNatural WholeFood Vitamins and Minerals. the​ human body needs everything from a​ to​ Zinc,​ all in​ the​ right proportion. Tabers Medical Dictionary says vitamins are essential for normal metabolism,​ growth and life of​ the​ body. They are indispensable for the​ maintenance of​ health. Until recently,​ there has been some debate regarding the​ need for vitamin supplements. However,​ studies from the​ Journal of​ American Medical Association concluded that every individual should take a​ multivitamin every single day,​ thus ending the​ controversy.
Your body begins to​ pay the​ price as​ it​ tries to​ compensate for nutrient deficiencies. Eventually,​ poor nutrition can lead to​ devastating consequences. Some people treat their body as​ if​ it​ were invincible.
Dont be deluded. Your health is​ priceless. Give your body what it​ needs and deserves. Bottom line,​ getting the​ proper nutrients and micronutrients each day is​ critical to​ maintaining good health.
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