What You Should Know About Vitamin C

What You Should Know About Vitamin C

Although there is​ a​ lot of​ disagreement about the​ efficacy of​ vitamin supplements,​ there are some things that everyone agrees upon. One of​ them is​ the​ importance of​ vitamin C. Anyone who knows something about vitamin nutrition will recognize that vitamin C is​ good for you. You simply cant get too much of​ it​ or​ if​ you can,​ it​ is​ very difficult. C vitamin is​ good for all kinds of​ different things. it​ helps your immune system,​ fight against cancer and harmful free radicals,​ and may just make you live longer.

There are some people who make some very extravagant claims about vitamin supplements,​ including vitamin C. It​ is​ claimed by some rather noteworthy people that taking hundreds of​ times the​ US RDA of​ C vitamins can greatly improve mental health,​ increase your lifespan,​ and make you healthier.

Although this hasn't been proven by science,​ taking large doses at​ least doesn't seem to​ hurt you. Vitamin D,​ vitamin A,​ and many other nutrients can be harmful in​ excessive quantities. With vitamin C,​ however,​ you are unlikely to​ hurt yourself by taking too much. Your body simply flushes out any excess,​ and uses the​ part that it​ needs. if​ you take way too much you can give yourself a​ stomach ache,​ but that is​ about it.

I have personally used vitamin C to​ good effect to​ combat past illnesses. I ​ used to​ have a​ doctor and alternative medicine practitioner who is​ crazy about the​ stuff. Every time one of​ his patients would get sick,​ he would give them what was known as​ a​ SuperC. He would inject concentrated high levels of​ vitamin C in​ the​ blood,​ combined with a​ small dose of​ Hydrochloric acid.

It​ was amazing how quickly and effectively it​ would work. Within minutes of​ getting the​ injection,​ I ​ would be feeling better. All the​ congestion would drain out of​ my sinuses,​ and my body would immediately fight off the​ illness. Although this still is​ not a​ common technique among many doctors,​ it​ is​ growing in​ popularity. It​ is​ quick,​ easy,​ and powerful.

What else could you ask for?
It can also be a​ good idea to​ take a​ multivitamin supplement. a​ lot of​ us don't get enough nutrients in​ their diets,​ and it​ can never hurt to​ have a​ little bit of​ a​ boost. People who take multivitamin supplements are healthier,​ live longer,​ and gets sick much less often. What more could you ask for?

What You Should Know About Vitamin C

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