Visitors Guide To San Diego California Usa

Visitors Guide To San Diego California Usa

The city of​ San Diego is​ located on the southwestern coast of​ the state of​ California, in​ the USA. This pristine, coastal city has much to​ be proud about and boasts a​ number of​ exceptional attractions, including America's best zoo. San Diego city center contains an​ extremely high concentration of​ museums, second only to​ Washington DC. With a​ popular of​ around 1.3 million, the city covers approximately 320 square miles / 830 square kilometers.

Close to​ Mexico, much of​ San Diego has a​ strong South American character and atmosphere, with many notable Mexican restaurants. City life is​ generally relaxed and centered around the downtown district, which can be found on the harbor. Many impressive entertainment venues are situated in​ downtown San Diego, together with shops and important businesses. of​ particular interest, downtown's Gaslamp Quarter contains a​ cluster of​ historic Victorian buildings and structures. Other import areas worth a​ visit include Balboa Park, the Hillcrest District, together with La Jolla and Mission Bay, which stand alongside beautiful stretches of​ sandy beaches.

San Diego Tourism:
Tourist attractions in​ San Diego are excellent and include many superb beaches, which make San Diego the perfect holiday destination for all ages. Facilities include a​ number of​ notable buildings, museums and art galleries, countless must-see sights and family attractions, and a​ number of​ large parklands and gardens. Top attractions include Mission Beach and Pacific Beach, which both offer a​ range of​ water sports and coastal walks.

Also worth a​ visit in​ the city are the world-famous San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld San Diego, the Museum of​ San Diego History, the Museum of​ Art, the striking cathedral of​ the Basilica San Diego de Alcala, Knott's Soak water park and nearby Legoland California. Also a​ popular excursion from San Diego is​ the city of​ Anaheim, home to​ the spectacular Disneyland Resort, which can be reached by car, with the journey lasting around 90 minutes.

San Diego Transport:
Around San Diego, public transport is​ reliable and efficient and the city is​ easy to​ reach by road, with a​ number of​ highways and interstates close-by. The San Diego Trolley is​ one of​ the most popular methods of​ transport in​ the city and travels to​ all of​ the main attractions. Greyhound buses operate within San Diego and connect a​ number of​ California cities, together with Amtrak trains and taxicabs.

San Diego International Airport (SAN) stands around 3 miles / 5 km from the city center and is​ an​ important transport hub. With three large terminal buildings and many passengers arriving each day, San Diego Airport offers plenty of​ ground transportation options, such as​ shuttle buses, taxis and car rental.

San Diego Hotels:
Being a​ popular and sunny city of​ California's coast, San Diego predictably offers a​ variety of​ hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, and affordable accommodation options. Some of​ the most popular hotels in​ the city can be found in​ the center of​ the downtown district, conveniently near to​ facilities such as​ shops and restaurants. Further hotels are located around Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Mission Bay, Mission Valley, the nearby island of​ Coronado, La Jolla, and the scenic North County countryside. Hotel rates in​ San Diego rise during the summer season and at​ the weekend.

San Diego Restaurants:
San Diego offers a​ good selection of​ restaurants, which are readily available and suit most palates. Restaurants, cafes and bars have improved greatly in​ recent years, due to​ San Diego's rapidly expanding tourist appeal. Concentrated around the downtown areas of​ San Diego, Hillcrest neighborhood and La Jolla district, Mexican and Asian cuisine is​ particularly popular in​ the city. Many restaurants in​ San Diego feature live music and often stay open late. The numerous cocktail bars along the beachfront provide the perfect place to​ end your evening.

San Diego Shopping:
The city contains many large shopping malls, clustered in​ the Mission Valley area. The Mission Valley Center is​ perhaps the city's most notable shopping mall and features an​ array of​ shops, together with a​ large food court. For local arts and crafts, together with specialty shops, head to​ the Old Town district, while the Hillcrest neighborhood is​ the place to​ visit for boutiques and general fashion accessories. a​ number of​ antique shops and surfing-related items can be found along the Mission Beach area.

San Diego Weather:
San Diego features warm and sunny Mediterranean-style weather, typical of​ California, with sunshine throughout the year and pleasant breezes from the Pacific Ocean. Temperatures during June through August are at​ their hottest and can reach 27°C / 81°F. Winter and spring are warm seasons and many people visit the San Diego area at​ this mild time of​ the year. December and January are the coldest months, although daytime temperatures are still quite warm, generally around 18°C / 64°F, although lows of​ 12°C / 54°F are not unknown.

Visitors Guide To San Diego California Usa

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