Visitors Guide To Rome Lazio Italy

Visitors Guide To Rome Lazio Italy

One of​ the world's most historic and fascinating cities, Rome is​ famous for its rich heritage and important buildings. Many magnificent monuments and truly ancient ruins reside in​ Rome, together with numerous vibrant shopping areas, restaurants and sightseeing opportunities. The city has much to​ offer tourists and also offers a​ selection of​ nearby beaches.

Standing alongside the scenic River Tiber, Rome has a​ population of​ almost 3 million and experiences hot summer weather and particularly mild, pleasant winters. With year-round attractions, many people choose to​ visit Rome between November to​ February, when the city is​ at​ its quietest.

Rome Hotels:
Being one of​ Italy's most popular tourist destinations, it​ is​ hardly surprising that Rome is​ full of​ hotels, catering for all tastes and budgets. Ranging from impressive hotels in​ the Centro Storico (historic centre), to​ more modern accommodation around the Campo dei Fiori, hotels in​ Rome quickly become fully booked, and so be sure to​ reserve your room in​ advance. Bed and breakfasts in​ Rome are known as​ 'pensioni' and often provide particularly good value for money, with a​ number being located close to​ the 'Stazione Termini' railway station and Trastevere area.

Rome Tourism:
Rome has long been a​ major tourist destination and its historical attractions and important ruins are known throughout the world. However, the city is​ also an​ exciting and vibrant place to​ visit, with many impressive shops, restaurants, entertainment venues and seasonal festivals. Some of​ the most popular places to​ visit in​ Rome include the Circus Maximus, the Coliseum, the Forum, the Pantheon, Janiculum Hill, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, and the vast Vatican City, the official residence of​ the Pope, head of​ the Roman Catholic faith. The Sistine Chapel at​ the Vatican City is​ particularly awe-inspiring, together with the city's numerous art galleries and museums.

Popular events in​ the city include many operas, ballets and concerts at​ Rome's numerous theatres. Other seasonal highlights include regular football matches at​ the Stadio Olimpico, the Rome Marathon each March, religious events throughout Easter, concerts at​ the Teatro Olimpico, June's Pesaro Film Festival, and also the Festa della Madonna della Neve, held every August.

Rome Transport:
With good rail connections to​ a​ number of​ major cities, including Florence and Venice, Rome is​ well-connected by highways, which provide easy access to​ nearby towns. Rome's Metro subway network, public buses and trams all provide inexpensive ways to​ travel throughout the city. Car rental is​ one of​ the most popular ways to​ travel out of​ the city and is​ perfect for day trips and excursions.

Located around 18 miles / 29 km from the city centre, Leonardo da Vinci Airport, also known as​ Fiumicino, is​ an​ important air transport hub. Dealing with large numbers of​ domestic and international flights each day, ground transportation at​ the airport includes buses, trains and car hire.

Rome Shopping:
Known for its chic fashion boutiques and expensive department stores, shopping in​ Rome is​ a​ major attraction. With many bustling shops clustered around the Piazza Di Spagna, other popular stores can be found around the city's Via Del Governo Vecchio area, close to​ the Spanish Steps, along the Via Sistina, and on Via Borgognona. Also, the pedestrianized Via Frattina is​ the perfect place for some serious window shopping.

Rome Restaurants:
Home to​ one of​ the greatest cuisines in​ the world, Italian restaurants are known for their superb local specialities, which include freshly made pizzas, pasta dishes, paninis, salads, a​ selection of​ cheeses and many other types of​ food. Al fresco dining is​ particularly popular in​ Rome, with an​ array of​ cafes, bars and superb ice cream shops clustered around the piazzas.

Visitors Guide To Rome Lazio Italy

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