Visit The Kennedy Space Center During Your Orlando Vacation

Visit The Kennedy Space Center During Your Orlando Vacation

If you’re bringing your family to​ Orlando you will no doubt visit Disney World and the​ other theme parks in​ the​ area,​ but why limit yourself to​ theme parks,​ when you can also visit the​ fascinating and educative Kennedy Space Center located at​ historic Cape Canaveral? Here is​ a​ brief guide to​ some of​ the​ attractions currently on​ offer at​ the​ Kennedy Space Center.

Meet an​ Astronaut

The center has arranged for various astronauts to​ meet visitors and talk about their missions in​ space. Astronauts from the​ Mercury,​ Gemini,​ Apollo and Shuttle programs are scheduled to​ take part throughout the​ year.

Simulated Shuttle Launch

If you want to​ get an​ idea of​ what an​ astronaut feels during liftoff,​ then the​ Space Center’s launch simulator is​ the​ best way to​ do it. the​ room vibrates and roars and when the​ engines shutdown participants get to​ view the​ earth,​ as​ astronauts see it​ when they reach their orbit.

Early Space History

This is​ a​ walk through exhibit showing the​ background of​ today’s space program. One of​ the​ highlights is​ the​ actual control panel which was used to​ guide the​ astronauts of​ the​ Mercury and Gemini space programs. Mercury and Gemini capsules are also on​ display.

Viking Mars Mission

In 1976 a​ U.S. unmanned craft landed on​ Mars and took the​ first pictures of​ the​ red planet’s surface. This exhibit takes you on​ that journey and visitors also can see and touch a​ piece of​ Mars as​ well (in the​ form of​ meteorite that fell to​ earth many years ago).

IMAX 3D Theater

With the​ help of​ giant screens,​ five stories high,​ you are taken on​ an​ awesome journey into space. the​ films contain dramatic footage taken by astronauts during their space missions and you get a​ feeling that you are right there with them.

Saturn 5 Center

The Saturn 5 was the​ huge rocket that took astronauts to​ the​ moon and back in​ the​ early 1970s. Featuring an​ actual 363-foot,​ 6.2 million pound Saturn V moon rocket,​ this exhibit takes you on​ a​ trip to​ the​ moon with a​ recreation of​ the​ first Apollo mission to​ the​ moon. There is​ also a​ hands-on exhibit.

LC 39 Observation Gantry

This is​ a​ 60 foot tower which will give you a​ great view of​ the​ space shuttle launch pads. There is​ also an​ on-the-ground exhibition which includes films of​ the​ Shuttle program,​ showing the​ actual process used to​ launch a​ Shuttle into space.

Space Center Guided Tour

This is​ a​ bus ride all around the​ Kennedy Space Center. it​ stops at​ the​ important places and the​ bus tours depart each day (except Christmas Day and certain launch days) beginning at​ 9:30 a.m.,​ and leave continuously throughout the​ day,​ with the​ last bus leaving approximately four hours before closing.

The Space Shop

Are you fascinated by space memorabilia? Then this is​ the​ place for you. the​ Center’s gift shop has more than 8,​000 space-related items that make perfect souvenirs or​ additions to​ your serious space collection.

This is​ only just a​ small part of​ what you can see at​ the​ Kennedy Space Center,​ so if​ you want to​ treat your kids to​ an​ out of​ this world experience be sure to​ add it​ to​ your list of​ “must-see” places when you make your next Florida Vacation.

Visit The Kennedy Space Center During Your Orlando Vacation

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