Visit Indiana Kentucky For Your Next Vacation

Visit Indiana Kentucky For Your Next Vacation

If you live in​ the​ Indiana,​ Kentucky,​ Ohio region of​ America,​ you really do owe it​ to​ yourself to​ make a​ little trip to​ Nashville,​ Indiana sometime in​ the​ near future. Nicknamed the​ "Little Smokies",​ and referred to​ by most of​ us as​ "Brown County",​ this thriving artist community is​ located about an​ hour from Indianapolis. This time of​ the​ year,​ the​ trip is​ especially worth it​ due to​ the​ gorgeous jewel tones of​ the​ autumn leaves.

Go on​ - plan on​ making a​ day of​ it. Roll the​ windows all the​ down,​ play your favorite music and enjoy the​ ride. Get in​ touch with nature by having a​ leisurely picnic and then taking a​ long,​ relaxing hike in​ Yellowwood State Park. While you're there,​ stop off and see Gobbler's Rock,​ a​ four hundred pound rock that's lodged precariously in​ a​ tree. Lay lazily on​ the​ shore of​ Lake Monroe and let the​ sun make you blind as​ it​ reflects off the​ water.

Drop in​ on​ any on​ of​ literally hundreds of​ local artists painting the​ town in​ a​ variety of​ hues. Watch while handmade beeswax candles are dipped and hung to​ dry,​ or​ stare incredulously as​ a​ glassblower slowly and painstakingly blows an​ exquisite round bowl. Bright sunlight shoots jaggedly through pieces of​ stained glass as​ the​ smell of​ scented candles delightfully ‘tickles’ your sense of​ smell. Listen to​ the​ soft "click-click-click" of​ a​ loom weaving fabric.

Next,​ take in​ the​ flea market and then visit an​ antique store or​ two;
there certainly are enough of​ them in​ these parts ! if​ you're patient and willing to​ look carefully,​ there are definitely old-fashioned bargains to​ be found.

And when it's time to​ eat,​ you certainly won't be disappointed - there
are many fine restaurants and cafes to​ eat at. if​ it's something sweet on​ your mind,​ try and stop yourself from indulging in​ rich,​ creamy fudge,​ caramel apples,​ funnel cakes or​ elephant ears,​ all local favorites and available in​ abundance.

While you're at​ it,​ take a​ tour of​ the​ old log jail house,​ which was
built in​ the​ last century and is​ located downtown in​ back of​ the​ old courthouse.

You have a​ lot of​ hard choices if​ you make the​ decision to​ stay the​ night. From a​ few of​ the​ larger national chains to​ more small and charming l bed-and-breakfasts,​ there's something for every taste and budget. You can find many travel deals on​ the​ Internet today.

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