Virtual World Virtual Car Dealerships Buy Online Through Car Finder
Services And Save Money

Virtual World Virtual Car Dealerships Buy Online Through Car Finder Services And Save Money

Everyday,​ the​ world of​ the​ virtual marketplace gets more real. Dealers,​ owners,​ salespeople and services around the​ world are learning the​ value of​ putting their stores online. the​ automotive manufacturing,​ marketing and dealership sectors have a​ greater reliance and expertise in​ knowledge management than any other industry. This extends to​ viable E-commerce and cutting-edge online presentation of​ value-added products. in​ October of​ 2005,​ the​ New York Times reported that according to​ the​ National Automobile Dealers Association,​ 94% of​ the​ dealers in​ the​ US have websites with many of​ them registered through car finder services. the​ monthly average customers that visited any given dealer site were 230,​ as​ compared to​ a​ monthly average of​ 116 in​ 2004. Consumers are not just window-shopping or​ researching possible on-lot purchases,​ they are buying online at​ a​ dramatically increasing rate. Typical dealer sales conducted entirely online have increased from an​ average of​ 4.9 to​ 7.5 monthly in​ just two short years. 1.6 million people a​ month now buy their vehicles online. This is​ a​ staggering statistic. However,​ given the​ outstanding customer service and convenience provided by virtual car dealerships,​ it’s no surprise. This is​ part of​ a​ worldwide upward trend in​ auto related site traffic and business. Although site traffic numbers are higher in​ Germany,​ Sweden,​ and Holland,​ online sales are 60% higher in​ the​ USA than the​ world average.

One of​ the​ advantages of​ the​ online marketplace and virtual dealership sites is​ the​ fact that comparison-shopping is​ more convenient and less confusing for the​ consumer. For example,​ you are more times than not looking at​ a​ limited selection of​ make,​ model and inventory when you visit your local dealer. the​ price is​ approximately whatever the​ salesperson says it​ is. Knowing that auto sales are always negotiable,​ and that most salespersons work from commission,​ you are immediately put on​ notice that if​ you want a​ good deal,​ you will have to​ haggle. Offers and counter-offers then ensue. the​ salesperson plays the​ "good cop" role as​ he shuffles off with offers to​ a​ mysteriously absent manager or​ "bad cop" that is,​ of​ course,​ reportedly inflexible and steadfast. You,​ on​ the​ other hand,​ sit and twiddle your thumbs for hours on​ end waiting for a​ reasonable counter-offer. Usually eight or​ ten hours later,​ you are tired,​ confused,​ stressed out,​ and just plain exasperated. You may or​ may not have worked out a​ deal. Many car-buyers consider this a​ frustrating experience,​ not a​ satisfying or​ pleasurable one. Thanks to​ advancing it​ technology and online virtual dealer showrooms,​ the​ scenario described above is​ becoming less common all the​ time.

The online marketplace allows you to​ select from an​ entire world of​ inventory and options. All makes and all models are available. MSRP and invoice cost are available and price quotes are yours for the​ asking. Many dealership sites will provide you with a​ complete detailed list of​ options and specifications on​ any make and model that may have caught your interest. Multiple views and zoom features are available for new and some late model vehicles. Some more advanced virtual showrooms can even provide three hundred and sixty degree interior scans. Do you want to​ hear what your new high performance vehicle sounds like? Yes,​ you can hear it​ online in​ some virtual showrooms. You can access financial worksheets that will calculate your monthly payments right down to​ the​ penny. You can do everything short of​ kicking the​ tires and taking the​ test drive. Online,​ there are no grandiose showrooms,​ in-your-face sales promotions,​ prizes,​ colorful décor,​ or​ overdressed salespersons to​ drive the​ dealer's overhead off the​ chart. There are no mysteries. On car finder sites like,​ you can provide a​ description of​ exactly what type of​ vehicle you are looking for and your zip code. You receive a​ prompt reply from a​ trusted in-network dealer in​ your area. This is​ not an​ auto-reply with a​ generic message. You receive a​ phone call from an​ actual local salesperson with all the​ information you need. This includes the​ availability,​ the​ value-added price,​ and answers to​ any questions you might have. in​ addition,​ there is​ no cost or​ obligation to​ use many of​ these services.

The value of​ the​ in-network dealer is​ obvious: They have made a​ commitment to​ provide consumers with the​ lowest possible price. a​ quote at​ rock bottom price results because the​ dealers' cost to​ obtain you,​ as​ a​ customer is​ almost zero. These savings can then be passed on​ to​ you. we​ are talking about prices that are usually one percent over the​ dealer's invoice. This is​ a​ huge bargain by anyone's standards. There are a​ number of​ factors that are taken into consideration to​ determine pricing at​ this stage of​ the​ online buying experience. One of​ them,​ of​ course,​ is​ supply and demand. if​ a​ vehicle is​ in​ high demand,​ the​ price can be as​ high as​ the​ MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). However,​ the​ fact that you are dealing with an​ in-network dealer is​ going to​ carry more than adequate weight into the​ quote you receive. You get the​ lowest possible price and the​ best quality service available anywhere by using a​ car finder service online. You get the​ virtual royal treatment with this system.

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