Virtual Web Servers Perfect For Mid Sized Web Hosting Needs Part 1

Virtual Web Servers: Perfect for​ Mid-sized Web Hosting Needs, Part 1
The internet has exploded over the​ last ten years with many people doing more and​ more tasks online everyday .​
As the​ internet continues to​ grow, the​ amount of​ space available for​ web sites to​ expand will shrink .​
Another very important fact that needs to​ be considered when creating a​ web site is​ how you are going to​ host the​ web site.
Large companies can afford to​ have a​ dedicated web server or​ servers, but smaller companies and​ individuals usually can not afford to​ have a​ dedicated server for​ their web site .​
For these individuals there are a​ few alternatives available .​
They can either use a​ web hosting service to​ host their web sites, or​ they can use a​ virtual web server to​ host their web site .​
Both of​ these alternatives have strengths and​ weaknesses.
A web hosting plan usually allows you to​ upload your web files to​ their server and​ then they configure everything so that anyone on the​ internet can access it .​
These plans are usually fairly inexpensive, but they are also limited in​ the​ amount of​ options that you can configure on your own.
However since the​ configuration of​ these plans are very easy, you do not need to​ have a​ large internal I.T .​
department to​ implement your plans .​
Web hosting plans are also a​ very good fit for​ your web site if​ you do not need to​ have access to​ a​ database.
Virtual web servers are a​ great way to​ maximize the​ use of​ a​ single server to​ service many web sites across several domains .​
The virtual web server uses one server and​ one operating system to​ host many different web sites .​
The difference between virtual web servers and​ hosting plans is​ that you have access to​ mail, FTP, and​ all of​ the​ configuration files on the​ virtual server.
This gives you quite a​ bit more control over all of​ the​ functions that a​ normal web server would allow you to​ do .​
However you need to​ know more about configuring a​ web site if​ you use a​ virtual web server .​
The best thing about a​ virtual web server is​ that you have much more control and​ the​ ability to​ do many different things that you can not do with a​ web hosting plan.

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