Virtual Real Estate

Virtual Real Estate

Virtual Real Estate
Virtual Real Estate—just what am I​ talking about here? if​ I​ look up virtual in​ the​ dictionary, it​ gives me words like near, practical, fundamental, or​ essential .​
It also lists actual as​ an​ antonym .​
Remember in​ school how we were required to​ use the​ new word in​ a​ sentence to​ show that we understood the​ meaning? So many times we have heard sayings like, Oh, that’s a​ virtual impossibility, Virtual Reality, or​ She is​ virtually unstoppable .​
as​ you can see in​ these phases, virtual is​ being used as​ an​ adjective or​ an​ adverb .​
Here we are using it​ as​ a​ descriptive meaning practically, fundamentally, or​ essentially .​
the​ word virtual can also be used as​ a​ noun as​ in​ this example: virtual focus .​
Here, the​ meaning of​ virtual focus is​ a​ point from which rays of​ light seem to​ emanate but do not actually do so (such as​ in​ the​ image in​ a​ plane mirror.) Now we are going back to​ another word we learned in​ grade school, antonym .​
Antonym mean opposite .​
the​ thesaurus tells us that actual is​ the​ antonym of​ virtual .​
To look at​ this closer, consider actual real estate compared to​ virtual real estate .​
You can go out and​ see, touch, and​ feel actual real estate .​
Virtual real estate requires that you use a​ computer to​ see it .​
Virtual real estate has no physical borders .​
Anyone (with a​ computer) from anywhere can visit the​ virtual real estate site anytime .​
When you create a​ web site, you are creating virtual real estate .​
It can be just as​ valuable as​ actual real estate .​
In fact, a​ profitable web site can be more valuable than you ever imagined .​
Another advantage of​ virtual real estate is​ that almost anyone can afford it .​
In fact it​ is​ so inexpensive to​ create a​ virtual real estate site that many entrepreneurs have several of​ them .​
Each site can promote a​ different product, value, or​ information because what appeals to​ one person may not appeal to​ another .​
When you want to​ purchase actual real estate, a​ real estate agent helps locate the​ type of​ property desired .​
However, with virtual real estate, you only need to​ find the​ training on how to​ develop a​ web site (lots of​ courses out there) and​ then the​ product you will promote .​
Can’t you see it​ now, new classes creeping up: Virtual Real Estate Agents or​ Virtual Real Estate Development?
Good luck in​ this new virtual reality,
Karen Kelley
This and​ many more topics on the​ creation of​ profitable web site techniques are taught at: .​
Also included is​ a​ FREE 12 hour video course.

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