Virtual Assistants The Perfect Work At Home Opportunity

Virtual Assistants The Perfect Work At Home Opportunity

Virtual Assistants – The Perfect Work-at-Home Opportunity
With gas prices rising, many displaced from their jobs, and more and more businesses downsizing, comes the need for finding an​ alternative way to​ make a​ good income .​
Now more than ever, families are seeing the need for two incomes .​
One Industry that is​ increasing in​ popularly today, being rated one of​ the top 5 home-based businesses for 2018 by Entrepreneur Magazine last year, is​ virtual assisting .​
Becoming a​ VA allows you to​ work from anywhere in​ the world and requires little in​ the way of​ start-up costs or​ fees .​
The main requirement is​ the ability to​ type well and a​ good understanding of​ the Internet.
By definition, a​ Virtual Assistant or​ VA, is​ a​ highly skilled professional who provides administrative support and other specialized services to​ businesses, entrepreneurs, authors, online businesses, executives, sales professionals and others who have more work to​ do than time to​ do it .​
Many VA's also provide web design and maintenance, publicity and marketing, desktop publishing, word processing, and business start-up consultations .​
The services are endless depending upon the VA’s knowledge, skills and creativity .​
Virtual assistants are instrumental in​ helping businesses with their marketing, capability to​ run their offices getting more work accomplished, and also they have a​ solid understanding of​ the latest tools to​ make a​ business succeed .​
One example is​ blogging .​
We all know that it​ is​ essential for a​ business to​ have a​ blog today to​ succeed, yet many businesses don’t have the time to​ create and maintain a​ blog .​
a​ good virtual assistant will handle that for you and more.
What started out in​ the 80’s as​ home-based word processors have grown into what we are seeing today, says Diana Ennen, President of​ Virtual Word Publishing .​
Plus more and more clients are realizing the need to​ outsource their work and let a​ professional virtual assistant do it, so they can focus on that they do best, running their business .​

Ennen, along with co-author Kelly Poelker has written, Virtual Assistant ~ the Series, Become a​ Highly Successful, Sought After VA .​
It has the endorsement of​ work-at-home experts Priscilla Huff and the Mompreneurs® as​ well as​ a​ number of​ others and has helped thousands over the years start their own thriving business .​
Virtual Assistant The Series is​ also the primary textbook for the Red Deer College-Canada VA Certification Program in​ Canada, Owens College, and several other large colleges, and is​ required reading for students of​ Virtual Assistance U -- an​ online training center for virtual professionals.
For free information on starting a​ virtual assistant business or​ to​ find a​ qualified virtual assistant, stop by Ennen’s new site, .​
You’ll also find publicity tips, free booklets on obtaining clients, and sample letters and chapters from their book .​
Start today in​ the successful career you’ve been longing for – a​ home-based virtual assistant business.

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