Virginia Schools Offer Summer Programs

Virginia Schools Offer Summer Programs

An article about the​ various summer programs available to​ students in​ Virginia Public Schools was written recently. the​ school system is​ to​ be commended for​ recognizing the​ needs of​ its students and​ implementing programs that will best serve their needs. But how does a​ summer program truly meet the​ needs of​ the​ students?

Well, the​ most obvious is​ that a​ good summer program keeps the​ kids of​ Virginia Schools off the​ streets and​ involved in​ something beneficial. Virginia Schools leaders recognize this need and​ strive to​ offer its students fun and​ exciting learning experiences that hopefully rival anything fun that kids may wish to​ explore on their own. Many students today have to​ be “latch-key” kids – meaning they have to​ come home after school to​ an​ empty house. Their parent(s) are at​ work 9-5 and​ these kids have to​ rely on themselves to​ get through afternoons safely. This situation compounds itself during holiday and​ summer breaks. Feeling lonely and​ maybe even isolated, kids will most likely look for​ company and​ entertainment outside their homes. the​ summer learning camps offered by Virginia Schools can give these kids something to​ do and​ somewhere to​ go, all in​ a​ safe, familiar environment.

Another group of​ Virginia Schools students that benefit from attending a​ summer program are kids who may be falling behind academically or​ who may have special learning needs. for​ these Virginia Schools kids, attending school throughout the​ entire calendar year – summer months included – is​ vital. It’s true that students do no retain everything they learn during the​ regular school year. in​ fact, the​ first several days if​ not weeks of​ the​ new school year are spent on reviewing content from the​ previous year. of​ course, Virginia Schools teachers (and those elsewhere, of​ course) would be remiss to​ assume that their students have retained everything they were exposed to​ in​ the​ last grade. However, for​ Virginia Schools students who have even more challenges in​ front of​ them, attending summer school will be their only hope to​ keep the​ knowledge they have worked so hard to​ attain.

A third group of​ Virginia Schools students that can benefit from attending a​ summer program are those who are actually ahead of​ the​ game academically. These students, while typically self-starters, can benefit from attending a​ summer enrichment program offered by Virginia Schools. These students can attend classes or​ programs that may not normally be available to​ them during the​ regular school year. Robotics, EMT training, Acting or​ music camps are all examples of​ the​ different kinds of​ experiences these Virginia Schools students can expect to​ choose from.

Hopefully, it​ is​ now plain that all groups of​ students, whether they need academic support, enrichment, or​ simply a​ fun, safe place to​ spend the​ summer can benefit by attending one of​ the​ many summer programs offered by Virginia Schools.

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