Violet The Pilot In Hawaii Review

Violet the Pilot in​ Hawaii is​ the third book of​ a​ children’s series written by author Bettina Bathe. One of​ the very first striking aspects of​ this book is​ the illustrator’s use of​ bright colored fish and birds, a​ flowery helicopter, tropical scenery and agriculture within the Hawaiian Island region. The illustrations by Barbara Fortin ( also reveal lush forest and wildlife scenes including a​ myriad of​ creatures that dwell in​ the waters surrounding the islands.

This adventure begins when two Hawaiian youth, Kimo and Malia, request a​ scenic tour ride in​ Violet’s purple helicopter. as​ always, safety comes first for Violet, and they spend a​ few moments discussing air currents and looking at​ maps before starting out.

Violet and her passengers are accompanied by as​ they fly above tropical forests, a​ beautiful waterfall, interesting volcanoes and agricultural fields. The adventure is​ interrupted when they are called upon to​ help rescue a​ baby whale. Thanks to​ Violet’s confident pilot skills and her loyal animal and insect friends, the frightened whale is​ returned to​ her pod. These unlikely heroes arrive to​ their destination safely and celebrate with a​ Luau and a​ feast. This is​ no ordinary feast – the table is​ laden with all kinds of​ Hawaiian foods. And later, they are entertained by Hula Dancers and Violet plays her Ukulele.

The author incorporates real life terms in​ her books, yet she is​ able to​ explain things in​ a​ way that young people can clearly understand. The last page has an​ illustration with all three of​ the flags from the countries Violet has worked in​ so far. These could be excellent teaching and memory tools for the reader to​ use with children. However, Violet the Pilot in​ Hawaii offers more than entertainment and education - the author has also dedicated a​ portion of​ the sales of​ this book to​ the Canadian Red Cross. Additionally, Bettina’s website ( offers contests and awards for young readers for her young readers to​ enjoy.

ISBN#: 0-9738290-1-X
Author: Bettina Bathe
Illustrator: Barbara Fortin
Publisher: Violet the Pilot Enterprises, Inc.
Published: January 2018

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