Videos On The Psp

Videos On The Psp

Videos On the​ PSP
If you are like any number of​ video game enthusiasts, you might have already purchased the​ Sony PSP to​ play your video games on the​ go .​
The PSP has proven to​ be extremely popular in​ the​ teenage crowd as​ well as​ younger adults .​
There are many reasons behind this, and​ one big one besides the​ gaming aspect of​ the​ PSP .​
The popularity of​ the​ PSP has risen because of​ its abilities to​ play videos.
With over four hundred movies currently available on UMD, Sony’s mini CDs they introduced with the​ PSP, you’ll want to​ get that popcorn started and​ settle in​ for​ movie night .​
So, how do you play movies on the​ PSP? if​ you will be using an​ UMD, follow these simple instructions:
• Get your PSP and​ UMD handy
• for​ UMD playing, open your PSP by sliding the​ latch
• Insert the​ UMD with label facing the​ back of​ the​ system
• Slide UMD down the​ tracks until it​ clicks into place
• Close PSP and​ enjoy!
If you will be transferring movies or​ videos from your computer, follow these instructions:
• Get your PSP, Memory Stick Duo, USB a​ to​ mini B cable ready
• Find your movie or​ video on your computer and​ format to​ MP4 file type, if​ it’s not already an​ MP4
• Locate the​ movie(s) on your computer, open the​ directory
• Attach your PSP to​ your computer using an​ empty USB port and​ the​ cable
• Insert Memory Stick Duo into PSP by opening the​ slot on the​ left side of​ the​ PSP, put in​ the​ memory stick completely then close the​ slot door
• Turn on power on the​ PSP
• In the​ Cross Media bar, select the​ Setting menu then select USB Connection
• Transfer the​ movie(s) to​ the​ MP_ROOT\100MNV01 directory on the​ memory stick either by dragging and​ dropping the​ movie from your hard drive or​ by copying/pasting the​ movie
• Find that popcorn and​ enjoy your movie!

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