Video Streaming New Products Webinar

Video Streaming New Products Webinar

If you are a​ vendor of​ goods that are routinely sold through online stores you may be an​ especially good candidate for​ video streaming.

You may use a​ phone conferencing system where multiple clients can converse with you about a​ new product. These types of​ services continue to​ be useful. However, a​ new generation of​ savvy vendors are finding a​ greater value in​ video streaming webinars.

Imagine a​ growing company with several hundred vendors or​ affiliates. This company has several new products they are ready to​ make available, but short of​ sending a​ sample to​ every current vendor on their list they opt to​ use a​ webinar to​ debut the​ new products.

They capitalize on the​ buzz by creating timely press releases and​ information on how the​ vendor can take advantage of​ the​ webinar. On a​ set date and​ time men and​ women gather in​ front of​ their computer screen to​ see the​ debut of​ the​ products.

As part of​ the​ video streaming webinar the​ company provides practical demonstrations of​ the​ product and​ benefits are fully reviewed. Explanations are provided as​ to​ why this product is​ superior to​ other similar products on the​ market. in​ the​ end the​ vendor is​ asked to​ register their attendance. By doing so they will receive a​ thank you gift.

This alerts the​ vendor as​ to​ the​ effectiveness of​ the​ webinar and​ allows them to​ make note of​ the​ most responsive affiliates.

In this case the​ vendor may be more inclined to​ promote a​ product than a​ website, but video streaming is​ used as​ a​ means of​ solidly marketing their product.

That same webinar can be archived for​ any vendor that could not attend when the​ video stream was being sent live.

You can also make the​ webinar an​ interactive experience by allowing emails to​ be sent live during the​ webinar from affiliates. if​ you have a​ slightly more sophisticated setup you could take landline, cell or​ VoIP phone calls from valued affiliates.

In this scenario you can answer a​ multitude of​ questions that will result in​ fewer questions following the​ webinar. This gives the​ webinar a​ much more comprehensive coverage on the​ product and​ saves you time following the​ webinar because the​ majority of​ the​ questions will already be answered.

The use of​ video streaming is​ a​ growing phenomenon with so many different positive applications. Video streaming provides opportunities for​ individuals to​ share footage of​ their families with other family members. Music and​ entertainment video streams can be shared. Television shows can be downloaded and​ best all, business can be done effectively through the​ use of​ video streaming technology.

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